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Adjustment Bureau Trailer

February 15, 2011


If I Could Tee Like Mike

May 21, 2009
This shirt is like the Oracle of Delphi, if the oracle happened to vaguely have subtext that suggests something, anything was gonna go awry and the subject happened to publicly fall into that category. (too much?)

This shirt is like the Oracle of Delphi, if the oracle happened to vaguely have subtext that suggests something, anything was gonna go awry and the subject happened to publicly fall into that category in some roundabout manner. (too wordy?)

Shitty quarterback* and PETA nemesis, Michael Vick, was released from jail today yesterday, headed to house arrest and we here want to celebrate that with the only song that could properly honor his release from the big house. Also I had to show the T-Shirt that I bought like a week after Vick was arrested, from the Goodwill store. It doesn’t even fit me, but I saw it and it was a situation where it HAD to be bought, I don’t even think I had a decision in the matter, the universe decided for me when it comes to peer pressure, the universe is the worst. I also realize that today’s musical pick is in no way original, but come on now, sometimes something is too perfect and you have to follow the pack. So Mike, I dedicate this to you.

* Vick isn’t a horrible QB, he just makes horrible decisions at times. Doesn’t know when to give up the play or not run w/ the ball when he should dump it or make a perfectly safe pass, he just forces shit he shouldn’t. The funny thing is his backup made much better decisions when he got the starting job in Atlanta, then last year, the rookie QB, Matt Ryan, made better decisions too. Vick can make good plays and can make tremendous highlights with his feet and he has a cannon of an arm, the problem is he lacks accuracy when he has to rely on the cannon. He’ll probably work in NFL again, probably even start, but there are better quarterbacks than him and his backups in Atlanta were frequented that category. -The Mgmt.

Lost Shumway

May 16, 2009

One of the factors that subtracted cool points from my younger day is the fact that I had ALF comic books. Like, monthly, go to the comic store, pick up this issue of X-Men, and Wolverine, maybe a Punisher War Journal and…ALF and there are far too many people who can verify this (people who should watch their backs if I ever become famous, because I have to protect myself from ‘anonymous leaks’). I dug me some ALF, I can STILL sing the chorus of ‘Cookin’ with ALF’, a song, released on a shitty paper thin, square, plastic record in an advertising scheme from Burger King. Now even at the time, the dad from ALF, was always a little…off, somehow. So how do you make that guy seem weirder? Well you let David Lynch edit episodes of ALF and if you can’t get Dave himself, you get some guy on youtube…still, equally as interesting and entertaining, but seriously odd. Here’s all 4 episodes (so far) of Andrewhussie’s ‘work’.

90’s Albums But is Alanis 1?

May 14, 2009

Today I thought of Alanis Morissette and my train of thought made me think of a conversation w/ Jaqai where I said “Irony, is having a song called ‘Ironic’ that lacks Irony”. Which is not an original observation, but true nonetheless. Then my train of thought made me think of something from a while back. Around the turn of the century, we all remember all the hype and remembrance of the last 1000, 100, & 10 years that were about to wholly leave us or had left us and the days that were soon to come. (we also had an irrational fear of impending dysfunction, anarchy a/o the end of…everything). Best of lists were HUGE and one was the VH1’s top 20 albums of the 90’s, which featured amazing and groundbreaking and successful works. Albums such as Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’, Pearl Jam ‘Ten’, Fugees ‘The Score’, but the #1 Album of the Decade was ‘Jagged Little Pill’ by Mz. Morissette. I have to say that the pick kinda blindsided me as I hadn’t recognized it hadn’t shown on

Overplayed Littles Songs

Overplayed Little Songs

the list yet (I honestly thought it would be ‘Nevermind’), but when they ran the resumé of the album, I honestly submitted to their pick. It was a huge and original album. Do you remember how many times they played ‘You Oughta Know’ and ‘Ironic’ alone? There were 3 #1 singles, 5 in the Top 10. The album was the 2nd best selling album of the 90’s (S.Twain, Come on Over #1), one of only three albums to spend over a year in the top ten, Nominated for 6 Grammys, 4 win’s and right now, stands at 16million unit sales in the US, 33m worldwide and is currently the 20th best selling album of all time. With all that, at that time, those were hard stats to vote against. So as much as I would’ve preferred something else, not that I hate the album or songs (I did get tired of them), I didn’t dispute the ranking. But here’s the question (because you know I love input), do you still think it stands there? ~10 years later, you don’t hear much from the album (or Alanis, for that matter). So now, what would be that #1 album born from the decade that truly formed me? Again, I tend to think of Nirvana, because today, we still see the impact that album has formed, it took the glam out of ‘real rock’ and made known the melancholy attitude of the generation, but there are others. OK Computer, honestly, to me, one of the top 10 front to back albums of all times and easily vys for #1 in my eyes. Pearl Jam released just as many impactful singles from ‘Ten’, I wasn’t a big fan at the time, but I don’t deny it’s stature. There’s Shania Twain, ‘Come on Over’, while totally not my cup of tea, revitalized the entire female country/rock industry and if you don’t believe me, ask Taylor Swift or Leann Rhimes, The Dixie Chicks, I’d even say Kelly Clarkson.

"Pick Me!, Pick Me!, NO Me!, Right Here!"

"Pick Me!, Pick Me!, NO Me!, Right Here!"

There’s Shania’s male equivalent, Garth Brooks, who revitalized country. Period. He’s not around much, but his impact sure is. Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z, Tupac, all, certainly made a still massively visable mark on not only music but everywhere, ask your neighborhood neo-wigger. Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, No Doubt, Tupac, U2, Green Day, Metallica, Backstreet Boys and Britney goddamn Spears (there’s certainly some sort of visible remainder of her impact), what’s the number #1 Album. Is it still Jagged Little Pill? You oughta know. (Yeah, I totally forced that one).

Andy’s Revenge

May 13, 2009

In a fantastic and interesting twist to the post I just finished writing, Andromeda has decided he still wants to be the big dog, keep eating that pizza and riding shotgun. Now according to (and I think they’d be someone to trust here), it is said that in 2 billion years when our two galaxies make a close pass, Andromeda, may STEAL the solar system in which we currently exist. Yeah, just take it like it’s his. Big bro has a 12% chance of snacthing our system from this nice little place we’ve so comfortably settled into (I told you he was a dick). Now in 5 Billion years we may then, actually merge in some sorta weird, galactic siamese twin, Benjamin Button, scenario thingee. Now the scientist that has calculated all this does say take it with a grain of salt, because we don’t really have any idea what truly will happen, we’re just going by scientific, computational and astronomic models, which aren’t fully readable, no matter what you believe, but still, we, The Milky Way, puffed up our chest, said “Test me now Andromeda” and Andy cold said “Yeah, I just might take that Solar System you humans hold so dear and you won’t do anything about that.”, and we flinched. Then he threatened to make all our shit, his shit too, but he better watch out for our Sun shortly afterwards (somebody’s gonna blow up!!!), but for a solid response, I respectfully say,”Touché, Andromeda, Touché”.

Pl.A.list Brett and Jemaine

March 11, 2009

Who the fuck doesn’t like ‘Flight of the Conchords’? The awesomest Kiwis on TV are smart, funny and very, very talented. On stage and on their HBO show they nail the innocent and gullible, starving artist personas, but you simply can’t play those roles that well without knowing exactly what you’re doing. Knowing yourselves inside out and having flawless technique and execution and they execute flawlessly all the time. If you wanna know how good they are, listen to their songs beyond the jokes. The songs are fun and funny, but the thing that makes them more than cheap novelty or gimmick is the fact that they know their shit musically. Think of all the different genres they’ve run through in the two seasons of the show alone, then think about how well they’ve nailed each and every style; 60’s lite euro pop, 50’s lounge, 80’s synth, ska, Bowie (I think I just made David Bowie a genre. Hey, why not?), even 60-70’s cartoon fare. It’s damn impressive and way better than someone like Stephen Lynch. So, Ladies and Gentlemen,  here’s a couple vids from New Zealand’s 4th most popular comedy folk duo. These aren’t brand new or bleeding edge finds, they aren’t obscure or subterranean, but they are good and fun and once you’ve got that, do we really need anything more? I think not.

ps: I’m away from home on “vacation” so I’m embedding the videos blind via url code alone (I couldn’t see the vids even if they were there). The “hotel” has strict site blocker software and one of those blocks is youtube (bandwidth), so if the videos are broken, let me know and I’ll try to fix it. Thx (the mgmt)

Radio Free Drilla: Audioslave – Cochise

February 9, 2009

Not a new song, surely not a bad song, just a little bit of sonic love from me to you. Chris Cornell had/has the best voice in what was the alternative genre and Rage Against the Machine, were just Rage Against the Machine, which is a good thing because they do what they do and they did it well, different from everyone else and better than anyone else could’ve. The combination of the two forces begat Audioslave and now on Planet A Radio, I give you the debut offering from the band, we call it Cochise. Go on and bang your head and take it out on me.

Cochise – Audioslave

I can’t seem to get the player to embed, so I guess you have to click the song link to hear the song, which sucks and really defeats the purpose of what I’m trying to do, but whatever, I’ll try to fix it sooner than later.