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My Soap Box: Pot, meet Kettle. Pot: “You’re black!!”

June 2, 2009

Irony [ahy-ruh-nee] noun: “A Fox News correspondent attacking a leftist think tank for “just [taking] the days talking points and try to reproduce them. It’s pretty clear what they are and what they do, they’re just party hacks, they’re the worst sort of people in politics.” He then goes on to call Obama a socialist.

Dear Mr. Fox correspondent, your homework tonight is to find a dictionary and look up the word ‘Hypocrite’ . That is all. Have a nice day.

Update: Later in the show, They run a talk about how the media is supposedly scared of Obama. That he supposedly runs monthly newsconferences and the ones in primetime are costing the networks millions, but they’re afraid to not run the conferences for fear of Presidential retaliation. So let me get this straight; Obama is running press conferences that are just fucking TV stations of big big money and networks are just teeming in fear because he’s gonna just run them into the ground if those press conferences aren’t aired? I have heard from Fox, more than once, that Obama needs to be more communicative about these uncertain times we’re in. So now that he IS communicating w/ the public on a regular basis it’s bad because he’s forcing them? And these multibillion dollar corporations are just crying in a corner for what may happen should the conferences not be shown? Fox, the main, big, national Fox channel (Fox 5 Atlanta, over here) didn’t run at least one of his prime time conferences and I heard nothing from the democrats about that, you know who I DID hear from, Fox News pundits basically applauding themselves for having their sister channel ignore the press conference. Also, I think I only count 3 primetime conferences and one was the state of the union address thingee (that isn’t really the state of the union adress, because incoming Presidents don’t do one on their rookie year) and the others were dealing w/ the financial crisis. Those, I personally think, are a bit more important than the latest episode of Deal or No Deal. I’m gonna drive myself crazy following these political antics. Cause both sides do shit that make me want to just drop out and be ignorant.


True Rules

March 3, 2009

I love Bill Maher and his show, not because he’s a mildly ‘left leaning pansy’ like me, but because he calls it like he sees it and is only loyal to himself while being honest and intelligent. He’s no puppet. All of his guest are allowed to state their points, but best be prepared to defend them and NO ONE gets to hide behind a bullshit barrier. If you’re running half assed talking points or misguided views, you’re gonna get hit back. Don’t come with excuses, come with good answers and no matter your stance, if it’s good, he’ll back it, if it’s not, he’ll call you on it and common sense is always the guide. So anyway, this Friday when the newest episode of Real Time aired, which as a whole was a top tier episode, the big story of his New Rules session was one of the best  monologues he’s ever done. every. word. dead. true. It was so good, that I actually clapped, I was literally alone in my room clapping at a damn television and today, looking at the youtube comments where I got this video, it looks like I wasn’t the only idiot doing it. It really is a must watch and full of truth and reason for all sides and political views and I think you should all watch it and that’s all I gotta say. Enjoy.

Pl.A.List: Freezepop-Less Talk More Rokk

February 17, 2009

End this Monday night or start your Tuesday (or whatever period in the future you may click upon this post), with this digital delight from the band Freezepop. I mean, how do you hate a band consisting of that alt-chick we all went to high school with and not one, but two, I repeat TWO KEYTARS!!! They also seem to have gotten all of their wiring from the Apple store. Still, I want a creamsicle just thinking about it. (and to my future alien overlords who may or may not be a future clicker of this post, I say, “Please don’t kill me, I am not your enemy, I just wanna rokk w/ some Freezepop, thank you oh merciful big eyed, three fingered rulers…I really really hope you can read fluent English.”)

Ctrl + V(ideo)

February 15, 2009

I caught this video via and immediately the word ‘tedium’ popped into my brain, but I think the posters’ original description sums it up better than I can,
-Over 1000 cuts. 6 hours of guitar tabbing. 1 hour of shooting. God knows how much editing. Dude, you need to get your ass up and go outside.- (I added that last part)

I think this is the classic case of “if you’re willing to apply this much effort to such a trivial thing, imagine what you could accomplish if you focus even a fraction of that energy towards something constructive”. (now honestly, I shouldn’t talk, because I don’t focus most of my free time on anything worthwhile and I have A LOT of free time,*unless you consider playing Rock Band 2 Drums on Medium worthwhile*). Anyway, now that you, Mr. cut and paste, have wasted both your time creating this web gem and our time watching the end result, I think we’re all due for a little walk outside for some fresh air.

This was in the comments section of the page for the first video and I think I like this one more, it’s definitely more clever and almost definitely older, thus more original, but hey, you can decide any of those points for yourself if you like, I’m just the delivery man:

The Structural Integrity of Closet Accessories is Severly Lacking

January 28, 2009

Fear Me. You dirty, filthy...flimsy....perfectly adequate, but still I broke two on the same day hangers, also, I really, really need to vacuum my floor

So in the span of about 7hrs on the same day, I seemed to have broken 2 hangers completely by accident in random and different ways. I don’t normally run around trying to destroy quarter inch plastic tubing or taking rage out on my closet and it’s contents, but today, I caught “WTF” lighting inside a “who cares” bottle, twice! It’s like synchronicity for the mildly insane. So I really hope this post isn’t so weird that in the future it’ll referred to derogatorily as “The Hanger Post Incident”. They aren’t even the same type of hanger, so it’s not a single model failure, but it so obscure that I decided to have it be the debut issue of the “quickies” subcategory, which I thought I’d try so that I can have little dumb things on the blog to add more content, more frequently (you know, pad my stats and whatnot) and also so I don’t go 5-14 days between posts like I sometimes do. I hope y’all like it. Also, hanger manufacturers, step your game up homie.  


(PS: Blog, the word, isn’t recognized in WordPress’ dictionary, you know the blogging site that I’m currently using and there’s no option to add it publicly or privately by users. Pure Genius!)


January 7, 2009