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My Soap Box: Pot, meet Kettle. Pot: “You’re black!!”

June 2, 2009

Irony [ahy-ruh-nee] noun: “A Fox News correspondent attacking a leftist think tank for “just [taking] the days talking points and try to reproduce them. It’s pretty clear what they are and what they do, they’re just party hacks, they’re the worst sort of people in politics.” He then goes on to call Obama a socialist.

Dear Mr. Fox correspondent, your homework tonight is to find a dictionary and look up the word ‘Hypocrite’ . That is all. Have a nice day.

Update: Later in the show, They run a talk about how the media is supposedly scared of Obama. That he supposedly runs monthly newsconferences and the ones in primetime are costing the networks millions, but they’re afraid to not run the conferences for fear of Presidential retaliation. So let me get this straight; Obama is running press conferences that are just fucking TV stations of big big money and networks are just teeming in fear because he’s gonna just run them into the ground if those press conferences aren’t aired? I have heard from Fox, more than once, that Obama needs to be more communicative about these uncertain times we’re in. So now that he IS communicating w/ the public on a regular basis it’s bad because he’s forcing them? And these multibillion dollar corporations are just crying in a corner for what may happen should the conferences not be shown? Fox, the main, big, national Fox channel (Fox 5 Atlanta, over here) didn’t run at least one of his prime time conferences and I heard nothing from the democrats about that, you know who I DID hear from, Fox News pundits basically applauding themselves for having their sister channel ignore the press conference. Also, I think I only count 3 primetime conferences and one was the state of the union address thingee (that isn’t really the state of the union adress, because incoming Presidents don’t do one on their rookie year) and the others were dealing w/ the financial crisis. Those, I personally think, are a bit more important than the latest episode of Deal or No Deal. I’m gonna drive myself crazy following these political antics. Cause both sides do shit that make me want to just drop out and be ignorant.


True Rules

March 3, 2009

I love Bill Maher and his show, not because he’s a mildly ‘left leaning pansy’ like me, but because he calls it like he sees it and is only loyal to himself while being honest and intelligent. He’s no puppet. All of his guest are allowed to state their points, but best be prepared to defend them and NO ONE gets to hide behind a bullshit barrier. If you’re running half assed talking points or misguided views, you’re gonna get hit back. Don’t come with excuses, come with good answers and no matter your stance, if it’s good, he’ll back it, if it’s not, he’ll call you on it and common sense is always the guide. So anyway, this Friday when the newest episode of Real Time aired, which as a whole was a top tier episode, the big story of his New Rules session was one of the best¬† monologues he’s ever done. every. word. dead. true. It was so good, that I actually clapped, I was literally alone in my room clapping at a damn television and today, looking at the youtube comments where I got this video, it looks like I wasn’t the only idiot doing it. It really is a must watch and full of truth and reason for all sides and political views and I think you should all watch it and that’s all I gotta say. Enjoy.

The World’s on Fire! A Primer

February 23, 2009

So, are you currently a resident of a certain country that has and is ruining it’s own economy and the rest of the world’s economy (I wont say which country by name, you know, for anonymity), but no one who should break it down (the crisis), dares to truly break it down because they’re the media and they’re retarded? THEN leave it to our wonderful world wide web (also run by that same country that’s ruining money…pretty much everywhere…except in oil producing areas). You see, I’ve hooked my twitter train to a bunch of famous tech peoples, mostly from my beloved ghost TechTV and one of my incoming tweets was linked to this site which explains the entire economic and credit crisis in an intelligent and concise way with just a hint of humor (especially in the caricatures). So I say, if you don’t know the deal after coming here, you cant say that I didn’t try to help. Also, here’s the video itself, in case you don’t feel like leaving the beautiful site I’ve set up here for you and sporadically and loosely maintain:


February 9, 2009

In my allegedly non-highly political blog, I bring you my latest political blog post about our current POTUS. I have to say, for a guy who didn’t have my vote at this point 1 year ago, I am becoming a big fan of Obama. I am tired of being talked to by politicians in office or running for office and their legions as if I was 7 years old, dumb, blind, gullible, amnesic, and dumb some more and this makes me a fan of Obama because he speaks to us as a nation as if we can read, write, count to twenty and know our shapes and colors. He speaks as if problems have nuance, multiple solutions and risk of not being solved in an instant or may need to be reassessed at some point. He breaks it down truthfully, responsibly and without bullshit and THAT really makes me believe in him. It is early in his presidency, so I don’t know how his plans and tenure will pan out, but I believe that it won’t be foolish. Today I was watching his press conference and there was a point he made that specifically made me want to write this. He said that people, mostly on the right, were saying that upgrading infrastructure (specifically efficiently energizing government buildings) was not a stimulus worthy cause. He said something that I wholeheartedly believe, that it IS important, ridiculously important and it addresses things all the candidates were in favor of within the full campaign season. Making those govt. buildings efficient stimulates us in multiple ways: it provides jobs, American jobs, because someone has to upgrade those buildings, those someones are Americans who will have jobs, good jobs, sustained jobs, because there are a lot of buildings that need help and even after the government buildings, they’ll have other buildings that’ll need the same thing sooner or later, simply because it will become more efficient and necessary to do so in the future and those Americans will have the skills to continue doing that job. It will save money by dramatically dropping energy costs for the government, if you think about the fact that simply changing the light bulbs throughout your relatively small home to CFL’s and Led bulbs, you can save hundreds of dollars per year, then imagine an entire governments’ buildings overhauling their entire energy system with the explicit goal of bringing down costs and oil dependancy, I think you’d have earned your money back before the Presidents’ 4 year term is over. Then it also weens us as a country off of foreign oil which keeps the money we save in our country in two ways, one, we’re simply not sending our cash to the middle east for their oil, if we’re using wind and solar or geothermal energy, we’re not sending our money anywhere, it stays with us by not having to send it out and then if we’re saving our own money, we’re also not borrowing money from another country to pay our bills so we don’t have to have China buy our debt, thus we won’t have to pay China back for money we’re not borrowing. With all of these things, how could this be “pork” or a superfluous act. By this simple act of making our govt buildings more efficient, we’re investing in us, we’re helping us which is what we’re supposed to be doing as a country; recession, stimulus needy or not, right? Oh, we also kinda save our planet, which also helps, even if it’s just saving money by avoiding possible natural disasters and the incurred costs caused by disrupting the eco balance. So again, I think I’m fully on Obama’s dick when it comes to believing in someone until their actions prove me wrong. If he fucks up, he fucks up and I’ll reassess then, I will admit to you I was wrong, but right now, I say give him a little rope to try a few things. I don’t want him to run wild, spend all the cash we have and let him sell Wyoming to the Germans, but let him try some stuff, don’t stonewall him just to prove a point politically or out of anger, fear or revenge. You can talk point by point on what you think, but don’t give him a cold shoulder because it’s what your party tells you to do, do what is right or at least fairplay. We let the other guy take some chances, let Obama take his, I don’t think he could possibly bring it that far down.

Dude, Just Walk Away Quietly

January 13, 2009

You may not be able to tell by this blog’s history, but I am not a dramatically outwardly political person (what can I say, it was a highly political period when I started this thing). I do, like all of us (some more than others), have my opinion about things. I can be vocal on my largely anonymous to the world blog, which is a mix of honest belief and hopefully, entertaining reading material. But mostly, I am pretty internal with my political opinions. I am this way because I believe that others have the right to their opinions. My language can be somewhat harsh, pointed and yeah, a bit rambly (that’s not a word) oh and it has a very “train of thought” style, but you will almost never hear me say, I am without flaw and absolutely correct about almost anything (I say almost, because I also don’t like to speak in absolutes). I also would like to state that I do not blindly follow ANYTHING! At all, especially politically. Also, I can contradict myself at times. I don’t know that I have a motto or life philosophy or something corny enough to place on any social network’s little box, but there is a quote that I do hold close to myself and kinda find to be true (or true enough to me) and it goes something like “A smart man knows that he knows nothing”, and with this little nugget, I don’t find it appropriate to bash someone over the head with my philosophy, because at any moment I could be totally and utterly and completely wrong and, A: not know I’m wrong, B: keep bashing while believing I’m utterly correct. Now, while I’m sitting here kinda writing my usual “Planet A, political blog post disclaimer”. I am also, in a way, summing up the thought in the request I’m about to state towards it’s subject. So I’ll just preempt the disclaimer and get on with the post and say: President George W. Bush, I am begging you, please, just walk away quietly, please. You are not helping your own case and certainly not towards your detractors. Look, this is not me trying to shit on the President’s policies and whatever, I’m just saying, dude, you’re making it worse. Trying to be as diplomatic as I can, the things that have happened on your watch, which have, by your description,”not turned out as planned”, are still effecting people negatively and you and your crew walking around saying what amounts to somewhere between, “Hey, everyone, no matter who you are, you’re wrong” to “Wadn’t me” to “Fuck what you think, deal with it”, which is what “The Legacy Tour” says to A LOT of people. When you defiantly defend the reaction to Katrina, Kanye West in retrospect doesn’t sound so crazy in his quote “George Bush does not care about black people”. I’m not saying Kanye is any way correct, but when you basically take little to no fault, in what was highly documented as a failed response, and still say in an interview yesterday that you “disagree” that the reaction wasn’t effective, you are metaphorically giving a middle finger to every single person killed, hurt, currently suffering in any way from that disaster. bush_finger_flipWhen you continually shrug your shoulders about the economic crisis that is destroying peoples lives, you look as if you just don’t give a shit anymore, that is exactly how it looks and we could go on about Iraq and torture, WMDs or whatever. I am not saying that your job is easy, I am not saying that you don’t care, I even understand that if you walked out to a press conference everyday saying “Hey, I fucked up” on, well, just about every major thing that the media holds you to task for, you would have lost about all political capital you could ever need as a president that wants to get anything done whatsoever. But here’s the thing, you’ve less than a week at the job, yet, you keep bringing up these highly “flammable” subjects in interviews and even when you don’t and someone else does, your response is rarely, well, uh, let’s say, neutral, especially to those who don’t think you’ve done a bang up job. So I do notice, you’ve tried to not inject yourself into current turmoil, but at the same time, you also go on TV interviews and your constant defiant defense of basically every action you’ve done isn’t just laughable, but it’s downright upsetting, you almost look oblivious to everything going on around you, which is not Presidential, even if you say it powerfully (depending on your opinion of presidential). So look, we’re trying to move on to the next dude, for better or worse and I’m not saying he’s gonna be great, like I said earlier, I don’t blindly follow anything, or anyone, so Obama does not get my Carte Blanche. But I have to hope that he does a good job (and I hate to use his catch phrase, but it is the trait that I have to hold), because the situation in which we find ourselves isn’t optimal (yes, I’m still trying to be diplomatic, even though I’ve said fuck multiple times…and look, by saying that, I’ve done it again). So, Currently My President, Mr. Bush, I say this both politely and in a way, more common than I would if say, you were standing in front of me (1: I know Bush won’t read this, 2: I can admit, I’d bitch out a bit in his face…I’m pretty sure he could have me killed if he really wanted it…his VP shot a man in the face and the victim, the guy with fresh buckshot in his face, APOLOGIZED!); So yeah, mr. prez, dude,¬† just kinda, nod politely and fade away for a little bit. Go do your post-presidential thing, go back to Texas, build your library to your liking, go do your speaking tours (I’m not opposed to you making some cash on the lecture circuit) but man, you have to see what your actual legacy produced in the last election on multiple levels (dude, White America voted for a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama, he won Virginia and North Carolina…Alabama stood strong though), you have to see the approval ratings of both you and your close colleagues and the incoming President, which should tell you what the majority believe about what you’ve done. So, having 45+ minute press conferences “Ultimate exit interviews”, where you are almost yelling at people who question you and again, denying almost any responsibility for anything, well, I’ve said what it says to people. So Sir, please, let us say goodbye peacefully, we need to move on. Oh, and please don’t have me killed, I’d appreciate that too. Enjoy your post presidency.

Equality! (for us, not you)

November 11, 2008

At this moment, I am not a Californian, no matter how much I may or may not want to be, but I was one for a very long time and internally still feel like I am one and will be again.

I am not the voice of the black anything (man, woman, family, dog, cat, etc.), so I speak for no one but myself. Period. There is no meeting where mandates are stated, mindsets are synchronized or even common likes and dislikes are solidified (I still don’t like fried fish).

I state these things because I am truly upset at the outcome of the vote that passed prop 8 in California. A lot of the news coverage on this vote has focused on the fact that Black people (who are pointed out achieved history and an ascension, via the Obama election) voted highly to pass the law, which removed a dear right from the gay community, by revoking their right to marry. Yes, YES, it is highly hypocritical for people who preached and dreamt of the evolution that a Black Presidency brings to take away an inalienable right (and it IS) from anyone else. It is also not close to being solely their fault. Everyone who voted against gay marriage is wrong. I will tell you where a great amount of fault lies, the church. The church, who’s beacon preaches both equality to ALL and the right of judgment to NO human, told everyone to vote this prop into law. If I’m correct, judgment is to be made at the end of rapture and it is to be made by a single entity, an entity higher than any dude in a robe and/or funny hat. The church paid approx. 40% of the promotional costs of the bill and also they preached it to their followers, and most minorities are followers of religion. So the church has a lot of the weight of this decision in their hands, both currently and historically (although they’d have no problem with that at all). For years homosexuality has been against God, it is apparently in the bible and for some reason it takes more precedence than a whole lot of sins, some that have been flat out dismissed and some just relegated: How many people are truly vilified for say working on the Sabbath or having consensual adult sex before marriage? I’m talking , law necessitated, removed from their family AND church, have to live in secret shame, thoughts of suicide, vilification. And why? Because they love another human being, just different from the kind you like. Equality is equality is equality is equality, ad infinitum and it will never change (hence, ad infinitum). If God is judgment and no man is God, then give everyone the equality they deserve here on earth and let God do his job, because if God is God, it is his right and he is much better at it than you are.

Let’s play opposite world, where Male/Female marriage is an abomination; your Mother and Father aren’t allowed to be married and you are 9 years old and have to have your tonsils or appendix removed, simple operation, but you’re a child and you are scared to death, you want to see your parents but you can’t see both, because one of them, I won’t designate which, isn’t legally your guardian and in pre and post-op, they can’t see you. Worse, you’re 13 and one should die, now you have to go to a foster home because the survivor has no legal rights to you, maybe you’ll get lucky and stay with an aunt or grandmother, but the person who has raised you your entire life has absolutely no legal right to you, plus the consensus is that you’re better off that way anyway, because imagine the ridicule you’d suffer if your classmates found out you had a mommy AND a daddy (oh the horror!)

I do not want to hear that homosexuality is a choice, because who would choose such ostracism and instant painful outcast status by a cruel society. I won’t hear “sanctity of marriage”, because Marriage is not more righteous than actual human right, if one is allowed the right, then all should (see: equality is equality). And I will piss on slippery slope; outrageous theory does not preclude, nor outweigh human right or equality. I cannot seriously believe that allowing two humans the rights that marriage allots will lead to a law someday that says Gomer can legally fuck his pet emu, I just can’t. There is a large difference in practicality and absurdity and I’d like to live in the world of the former and would probably bail out of the latter and it is not fair to equate the two. Giving black people and women the right to vote didn’t lead to the ability to fly or control the weather or any other unrealistic comic book trait I can think of, but it did give them an undeniable right, promised by the document that made us one of the greatest experiments the world has ever known and it simply hurts that in an age where so much can and does instantly happen, that not only is this right not allowed to gay people, but was given then taken away. Shortly after Kerry ran for president, there was a website consisting of Americans apologizing to the world, because we as a whole voted G.W. Bush back into office and I remember that a large part of me apologized because there were a lot of similar props around the country that held similar legislation and unfortunately, it has happened again and not only in California; Arkansas and the other states that had anti gay bills were also passed. So once again, I am truly sorry, even more sorry this time, but unfortunately I can only speak for myself. We are supposedly entering a time of hope, so my hope is that this prop and its restrictions and those like it will first be seen as an injustice and immediately reconciled everywhere, because equality is equality, ad infinitum.

Killing “The Dream”

November 4, 2008

….or Watch the Media Trample It Six Feet Deep in Vain.

At this moment the polls are about 2 hours out, so before the onslaught begins and states results are called; I’m gonna make a little poll for the hell of it.

If Barack Obama should win, and of course, become the first black president, how many times will the media mention his victory as a/the/some fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream. Now, I’m gonna plainly and flat out state that an Obama presidency IS a truly historic occurrence AND is certainly a partial fulfillment of that dream, but the difference comes from the fact that most of these people making the statement emptily and for superficial reason (mostly ratings and simplistic dialog); it will probably be spoken in the same tone and manner as the big sports game of the night or the cute video of the waterskiing squirrel, one or two people may actually drop their voice a tone to feign sincerity. Pseudo profundity will reign as mentions of the dream are read by an anchor or host, from a teleprompter, containing as much emotional depth as the physical depth of the words scrolling down that same teleprompter, but trust me, they will say it and they will say it a lot. So here’s your poll:

There is NO option beneath 100,000, because under 100,000 mentions is mathematically and hyperbollicly impossible. Trust me, you’ll hear the comparison and you’ll hear it a lot and it really won’t help that MLK day is 5 days before inauguration day, they’re gonna pick all the meat from the bones of one of the truly, most important happenings in the history of this nation with another historic happening; it’ll be like King Kong vs Godzilla in a strict battle of attrition. So step right up kids, place your bets (it’s really help my self-esteem), watch history fulfill history, then watch a bunch of talking heads remove a lot of the gravity of both for the reward of various forms of ratings (hell, I’m kinda doing it right now in this post!). Join in; winner gets a pony and happy election day! I’m so glad it’s almost done.