Lost Shumway

One of the factors that subtracted cool points from my younger day is the fact that I had ALF comic books. Like, monthly, go to the comic store, pick up this issue of X-Men, and Wolverine, maybe a Punisher War Journal and…ALF and there are far too many people who can verify this (people who should watch their backs if I ever become famous, because I have to protect myself from ‘anonymous leaks’). I dug me some ALF, I can STILL sing the chorus of ‘Cookin’ with ALF’, a song, released on a shitty paper thin, square, plastic record in an advertising scheme from Burger King. Now even at the time, the dad from ALF, was always a little…off, somehow. So how do you make that guy seem weirder? Well you let David Lynch edit episodes of ALF and if you can’t get Dave himself, you get some guy on youtube…still, equally as interesting and entertaining, but seriously odd. Here’s all 4 episodes (so far) of Andrewhussie’s ‘work’.

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