Andy’s Revenge

In a fantastic and interesting twist to the post I just finished writing, Andromeda has decided he still wants to be the big dog, keep eating that pizza and riding shotgun. Now according to (and I think they’d be someone to trust here), it is said that in 2 billion years when our two galaxies make a close pass, Andromeda, may STEAL the solar system in which we currently exist. Yeah, just take it like it’s his. Big bro has a 12% chance of snacthing our system from this nice little place we’ve so comfortably settled into (I told you he was a dick). Now in 5 Billion years we may then, actually merge in some sorta weird, galactic siamese twin, Benjamin Button, scenario thingee. Now the scientist that has calculated all this does say take it with a grain of salt, because we don’t really have any idea what truly will happen, we’re just going by scientific, computational and astronomic models, which aren’t fully readable, no matter what you believe, but still, we, The Milky Way, puffed up our chest, said “Test me now Andromeda” and Andy cold said “Yeah, I just might take that Solar System you humans hold so dear and you won’t do anything about that.”, and we flinched. Then he threatened to make all our shit, his shit too, but he better watch out for our Sun shortly afterwards (somebody’s gonna blow up!!!), but for a solid response, I respectfully say,”Touché, Andromeda, Touché”.

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2 Comments on “Andy’s Revenge”

  1. Kasey Says:

    Your posts are starting to read like a Star Wars Trilogy. Come on, make your next post title “Return of the Milky Way” Pleeeeasse?

    • adrilla Says:

      I would like to, I’d reallly like to, I’m quite fond of this spot of the universe that has allowed us to like, live and breathe, but I’m not actually writing the story. That’s between a couple of massive galactic systems, people better equipped and much smarter than myself and time. Maybe we can call the galactic merge “a unification of the force”, I hear it really likes balance.

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