I wrote a little post a few days ago asking if Rihanna’s Cover Girl ad campaign should be pulled because of her current situation and when I wrote it, I felt it was a valid question, but still, felt kinda sketchy about putting it out there, but, being the unqualified pseudo-journalist I am, I decided I’d let it go, sometimes you gotta ask the tough questions, sometimes you gotta be the bad guy. Now, I’m not one to say I told you so, but…I told you so. Apparently since I’d made the post, other, more reputable (depending on what you consider reputable), outlets have also asked the question. It seems that Harris Polls have asked on behalf of Revlon, disguised as research from Cover Girl (convoluted? absolutely) and then the bastion of integrity, TMZ, have asked the question as well, almost dead copying my poll, but having way more participants, I know it’s hard to beat 1 participant (play the lonely violin for me), but they did have hundreds to thousands of votes and the result was 2 to 1 ratio in favor of her campaign getting pulled, of course, I don’t know how representative the sampling pool was in relation to actual real world demographics, but I have to think that the people who’d vote on TMZ are fairly true to the demographic of the ad campaign. So there you go and with that, I’m gonna go wait by the mail and if someone sends me official press credentials, I won’t specify who, I promise to not apply to the census bureau anytime soon, cause if they went by the results and replies I got from my blog, the population of the USA would be like 36 people, all residing in Southern California at one point in their lives. Summary & Epilogue: Me=Right, Rihanna=sacrificial lamb, but she kinda put herself there, even if it isn’t completely her fault, there is a pathology there. Now, I’m gonna jump up and dance around my bed with my hands over my head like Rocky at the top of the steps while playing the song “Umbrella”, then I’m gonna call my nurse for massive amounts of narcotics, because if I actually did get up and dance, it would suuuuuck and hurt a lot right now. Syracuse and San Diego State both play semifinal matches tonight, Syracuse is a lock for the tourney, they’re only playing for seeding, it’s likely that they’re a 4 seed right now, win or lose, but if they put up a good run they could probably get a good 3 spot or a 4 in the most advantageous region for them possible. Either way, tonight will be a hard game, they played 6 overtime periods last night against a legitimate NCAA 1 seed and though they’re a higher seed than the team they’re ,W. Virginia, they’re gonna be worn and it will take a lot of heart to pull out a win tonight. As for San Diego State; SDSU played an amazing game last night, probably their best of the season, Steve Fisher is really good at motivating his guys during MW tourney week, but last night’s game, put SDSU on the bubble, which means, it’s about 50/50 that they’ll get in the tournament with an at large bid right now, a win tonight against BYU would pretty much be a golden ticket and it’d make me little girl getting a Barbie for Christmas happy, which is really happy…I would guess, what are you implying? What did you hear? Have you been talking to my sister? Anyway, SDSU deserves a trip back to the tourney, they deserve a first round win too. They weren’t supposed to have the run they had this season and few faithful believed, but here they are, staring into the eyes of opportunity, I hope they don’t blink. Get up State.

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