Pl.A.list Brett and Jemaine

Who the fuck doesn’t like ‘Flight of the Conchords’? The awesomest Kiwis on TV are smart, funny and very, very talented. On stage and on their HBO show they nail the innocent and gullible, starving artist personas, but you simply can’t play those roles that well without knowing exactly what you’re doing. Knowing yourselves inside out and having flawless technique and execution and they execute flawlessly all the time. If you wanna know how good they are, listen to their songs beyond the jokes. The songs are fun and funny, but the thing that makes them more than cheap novelty or gimmick is the fact that they know their shit musically. Think of all the different genres they’ve run through in the two seasons of the show alone, then think about how well they’ve nailed each and every style; 60’s lite euro pop, 50’s lounge, 80’s synth, ska, Bowie (I think I just made David Bowie a genre. Hey, why not?), even 60-70’s cartoon fare. It’s damn impressive and way better than someone like Stephen Lynch. So, Ladies and Gentlemen,  here’s a couple vids from New Zealand’s 4th most popular comedy folk duo. These aren’t brand new or bleeding edge finds, they aren’t obscure or subterranean, but they are good and fun and once you’ve got that, do we really need anything more? I think not.

ps: I’m away from home on “vacation” so I’m embedding the videos blind via url code alone (I couldn’t see the vids even if they were there). The “hotel” has strict site blocker software and one of those blocks is youtube (bandwidth), so if the videos are broken, let me know and I’ll try to fix it. Thx (the mgmt)

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2 Comments on “Pl.A.list Brett and Jemaine”

  1. Joops Says:

    A: They are great.

    B: Stephen Lynch is horrible. The comparison is insulting.

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