True Rules

I love Bill Maher and his show, not because he’s a mildly ‘left leaning pansy’ like me, but because he calls it like he sees it and is only loyal to himself while being honest and intelligent. He’s no puppet. All of his guest are allowed to state their points, but best be prepared to defend them and NO ONE gets to hide behind a bullshit barrier. If you’re running half assed talking points or misguided views, you’re gonna get hit back. Don’t come with excuses, come with good answers and no matter your stance, if it’s good, he’ll back it, if it’s not, he’ll call you on it and common sense is always the guide. So anyway, this Friday when the newest episode of Real Time aired, which as a whole was a top tier episode, the big story of his New Rules session was one of the best  monologues he’s ever done. every. word. dead. true. It was so good, that I actually clapped, I was literally alone in my room clapping at a damn television and today, looking at the youtube comments where I got this video, it looks like I wasn’t the only idiot doing it. It really is a must watch and full of truth and reason for all sides and political views and I think you should all watch it and that’s all I gotta say. Enjoy.

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One Comment on “True Rules”

  1. Joops Says:

    Too bad so many people automatically write him off using a label like “liberal” instead of respecting his ability to form justified opinions based on open-minded consideration of facts. And then make it funny.

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