I am the Master of things trivial (yes, I kill at Trivial Pursuit…I’m also incredibly humble) and being TMoTT, I tend to think of trivial things and problems and some time ago I came up with a question that I like to ask to people to actually hear what they think. So it goes like this:

Is there such a thing as half of infinity and why?

So, we all know infinity, he’s a good guy, great for helping you win a 3rd grade argument, has his own car company, he is a bit long winded, seriously he just goes on and on and on and never knows when to stop, but overall, he’s dependable and will always be there.  (Wow, math humor, I think I just won nerdery). But seriously, Infinity, definition, a never ending entity, and in that description lies both arguments.

Entity (yes): meaning a single object, so then it should have a midpoint, somewhere, which means, you should be able to halve it. If it’s a whole, then it should also be fractionable (not an actual word), the people who say no are just playing semantics. “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.”-Carl Sagan

Never Ending (no): meaning there is no end (no shit dick), so where would you put it? Sure there’s an equation for the puzzle (It’s that group of characters that probably confused you when you read the title of this post), but there’s no answer. It’s a theorem at best. Where is half? We don’t want a formula, we want an solution. Immeasurable=Indivisible.

So is there or isn’t there? If no, then why not? If so, then where is it? Some will say it’s a dumb question, but the thing is, as much as I’ve asked it, there is no dominant lean and most people are passionate about their stance, almost defiant of the other view. I have my own belief and I believe that I’m right, almost positive, but I probably wouldn’t ever say never, there is always a possibility of the other. I have found a mild stereotype in who believes what between the answers, but you never can tell. Which is why I love the discussion, the thought patterns, strong stances. So now, which side are you on?

Impromptu math joke from back in high school (I’ve told it before): Back in Serra High, my algebra teacher, wrote an infiniti symbol on the board and I, the smart ass, asked, “Mr. Dewey, who killed 8?” He says, right on beat, “Pi…it’s an irrational number.” Best math joke ever. +5 funny on slashdot.

PS: Wanna know what I love? The fact that I have officially created a post that contains an infinity symbol AND a hard  fraction (½ vs 1/2) in the url. (Now I’m a two time nerdery winner. Yup, I won the whole thing twice, in one post. Test me now bitch.)

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One Comment on “∞*½=?”

  1. Joops Says:

    I say it’s possible to cut infinity in half, and it’s really easy to do. Take any single point and designate two “teams”. Send team A out from that point in 180 degrees, half of all directions, destined to never stop. Simultaneously send team B out in the other 180 with the same orders to never stop. Given infinite time, these teams will end up covering infinite distance, and you’ll have created a midpoint.

    The problem is that since this is so arbitrary, any point has equal potential to be the center, making any designation meaningless. Without discoverable boundaries forcing the middle to a fixed location, it could be anywhere, and thus is everywhere.

    I’m not sure which answer that means I’m siding with. But I like that you made me think! Most blogs just momentarily distract people, they don’t make them engage their brains.

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