The World’s on Fire! A Primer

So, are you currently a resident of a certain country that has and is ruining it’s own economy and the rest of the world’s economy (I wont say which country by name, you know, for anonymity), but no one who should break it down (the crisis), dares to truly break it down because they’re the media and they’re retarded? THEN leave it to our wonderful world wide web (also run by that same country that’s ruining money…pretty much everywhere…except in oil producing areas). You see, I’ve hooked my twitter train to a bunch of famous tech peoples, mostly from my beloved ghost TechTV and one of my incoming tweets was linked to this site which explains the entire economic and credit crisis in an intelligent and concise way with just a hint of humor (especially in the caricatures). So I say, if you don’t know the deal after coming here, you cant say that I didn’t try to help. Also, here’s the video itself, in case you don’t feel like leaving the beautiful site I’ve set up here for you and sporadically and loosely maintain:

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