My Favoritest

Today on my twitterfeed, there was a tweet linking to this lil’ 3min video featuring awesome personified, John C. Reilly, who can effortlessly zigzag his way between highly acclaimed dramatic fare, silly crazy film comedy and non sequitur champions, Tim and Eric on, I believe, all of their Adult Swim series’ and many places in between and out. It’s a simple video and sort of performance art and comedy (it’s at least in the neighborhood), but it has made me think deeper than maybe it intended:

The video asks, “Are you someone’s favorite person, which is an interesting question in a multitude of facets, the first is the simplest, are you? Are you someone, anyone’s, favorite person? Not are you someone’s best loved or smartest or handiest, friendliest, prettiest. Are you their favorite? But then you can also ask, What defines favorite? is it, best loved or smartest or handiest, friendliest, prettiest, makes you smile the most, most adventurous, fun? Then, how do you know? What makes it completely known that you are, in fact, someone’s favorite person? I’m not even sure that I can tell you who my favorite single human on this planet, I can tell you who my best friend is, who I am most grateful or honest or would die for, but in the time it’s taken me to get to this point in my ramble, I’ve yet to pin who is my “favorite”, it’s a small list, but the fact remains, it is not a singular name. Then I move onto, do you want to be the favorite of the person(s) who hold you in that esteem? Are you the favorite person of the person who is yours or of someone whom you want to be their favorite? Why? I may be looking too deep into a video that is much shorter than the time it took me to write this, but hey, I was inspired and it’s a Sunday, nobody has (or should have) that much to do, so, think about it and really ask yourself…is Omar your favorite person, cause he should be*.

*Not really, but a little guilt never hurt nobody**

**Yes it has

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5 Comments on “My Favoritest”

  1. jaqai Says:

    Interesting. You know what I liked about that video a lot? It slowed me down. I’ve been on a non stop “beat the deadline” tear…and I like this just removed me of that.

    Also, great. Now I’m trying to figure out if I have a favorite as well.

  2. Joops Says:

    Does it have to be a static favorite? Mine shifts based on context. For example, reading this, my favorite became Omar. At least until that cheap attempt to campaign at the bottom, then Diet Mountain Dew became my favorite again.

  3. adrilla Says:

    Damn you diet dew, you’ve undermined my takeover attempts. I think context is one of the questions I should have included in my writeup, you’ve out done me again, because it is a valid question (if you consider my or their premise valid), I hate you Ponsor, if only because I’m jealous that I’m no longer your favorite and have to rethink my strategy to regain that status and hold it permanently. I SHALL WIN!!!*

    *win not guaranteed…or likely to be heavily sought (we all saw this coming)

  4. skyler Says:

    Diet Mountain Dew is not a person.

    • adrilla Says:

      don’t tell that to Justin, he might die upon hearing such a thing, I’m honored and astonished that I even made it in the running w/ Diet Dew. (I wonder how I stack up against Diet Dr Pepper in his eyes).

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