Pl.A.List: A Tribe Called Quest 2-fer

The Low End Theory was one of my first CDs and was one of the best albums of the 90s, hip hop or otherwise, it’s that good and A Tribe Called Quest took it’s first step towards historic. Q-Tip improved his flow and Phife completely stepped his game up and became more integral. The group broke out into what would be their signature sound and they basically became the standard for not only their subsect of hip hop but the majority of the rap world at that time and they were also the poster child of The Native Tongues.
Check the Rhime: From the second you heard Q-Tip’s “uh, uh” you were swept up in Check the Rhime, the mixture of the jazzy sounds, that snappy snare (that I seem to always try to copy in my drumtracks) and then those hard driving bass hits, it’s a combination that few can resist or hate on.
Scenario: Up until this collaboration w/ ATCQ, The Leaders of the New School were something of a novelty act, but after Busta Rhymes drops one of the most memorable collection of rhymes, verbal sound effects and excitement in the form of a verse and the standout performance in a song full of standout performances, you knew that he was in a class by himself and certainly exceeded novelty status. Now, more than 15 years later (damn that’s a depressing stat), the video is still creatively amazing and original…it’s also good, I don’t know if I told you that before, but yeah, it’s good. You should watch it and I’ve conveniently embedded it approx 2 paragraphs below this line right here. This one, the one you’re reading, the one that makes the video fall further down the page as I waste your time with this asinine jibber jabber, you should probably just ignore the rest of the words in this paragraph and move onto the next one, it’s what I would do, but wait, I could have some pearl of wisdom you might miss…but that’s not likely, so I’ll stop now, because if you’re still reading this, you deserve to be let off the hook now. You stay safe and I’ll meet you at the beginning of the next paragraph, readyyyyyyy BREAK!!!

Oh good, you made it here safely, that’s great, btw, a recommendation, there’s no music video for it, but if you like these songs, you should really go check out the ‘Scenario Remix‘, it was only released as the B-side to the scenario single, but almost 10 years later Tribe finally released it along w/ 5 other rarities as an addendum to their “The Love Movement” album. Kid Hood kicks the first verse in what would be his only label track, which is unfortunate because it is so good, you have to believe that he would’ve been a force in the hip hop universe (RIP Hood), everyone else is here from the first ‘Scenario’, Milo from LONS does a verse and Busta lays down another jaw dropping, mind boggling performance, but before you go check those Rhimes, check these Rhimes from Wed/Thurs’ Pl.A.List. Here we go yo.

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2 Comments on “Pl.A.List: A Tribe Called Quest 2-fer”

  1. Joops Says:

    I’d never seen those videos before. I gotta agree that Busta shows up big on that second one. He made the first two MCs look way outdated. If you had to recommend a single Busta album, which would you choose?

  2. adrilla Says:

    Here’s the thing, Busta is great, even classic on some of his songs or as a guest, but he makes very weak entire albums. He doesn’t have one full album that I like even the majority of, so I’d say go with his greatest hits album as it is the best of the best and you’ll avoid a lot of track skipping, personally I like the Leaders of the New School album called T.I.M.E., the best of his full albums, but that was something that really tailors to me, the afrocentric, early 90’s, native tongues, rap fan extraordinaire and few others. (no one else really cared about it, including other people in that same specific fanboy category)

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