Pl.A.List: Freezepop-Less Talk More Rokk

End this Monday night or start your Tuesday (or whatever period in the future you may click upon this post), with this digital delight from the band Freezepop. I mean, how do you hate a band consisting of that alt-chick we all went to high school with and not one, but two, I repeat TWO KEYTARS!!! They also seem to have gotten all of their wiring from the Apple store. Still, I want a creamsicle just thinking about it. (and to my future alien overlords who may or may not be a future clicker of this post, I say, “Please don’t kill me, I am not your enemy, I just wanna rokk w/ some Freezepop, thank you oh merciful big eyed, three fingered rulers…I really really hope you can read fluent English.”)

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2 Comments on “Pl.A.List: Freezepop-Less Talk More Rokk”

  1. Joops Says:

    Do they have a song on Rock Band 2? For some reason that band name sounds familiar. And she sounds like she took two handfuls of Xanax prior to recording it. Not that it doesn’t work, I’m just sayin’…

  2. adrilla Says:

    Actually they have a song in almost every Harmonix game even back as far as frequency and I believe Rez, one of the guys (I don’t know which) is a producer there. This song in particular was in Guitar Hero II, which I admit is much more fun to play than just sit and listen to, but I particularly like the beginning and I think that whole xanax thing, IS her thing, it’s supposed to sound lifeless and electronic-y and poppy, plastic and sweet, hence, freezepop (which i think they themselves don’t capitalize, but i could be wrong), you may tell I’ve lightly read their wikipedia page but not much of it.

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