Ctrl + V(ideo)

I caught this video via Current.com and immediately the word ‘tedium’ popped into my brain, but I think the posters’ original description sums it up better than I can,
-Over 1000 cuts. 6 hours of guitar tabbing. 1 hour of shooting. God knows how much editing. Dude, you need to get your ass up and go outside.- (I added that last part)

I think this is the classic case of “if you’re willing to apply this much effort to such a trivial thing, imagine what you could accomplish if you focus even a fraction of that energy towards something constructive”. (now honestly, I shouldn’t talk, because I don’t focus most of my free time on anything worthwhile and I have A LOT of free time,*unless you consider playing Rock Band 2 Drums on Medium worthwhile*). Anyway, now that you, Mr. cut and paste, have wasted both your time creating this web gem and our time watching the end result, I think we’re all due for a little walk outside for some fresh air.

This was in the comments section of the Current.com page for the first video and I think I like this one more, it’s definitely more clever and almost definitely older, thus more original, but hey, you can decide any of those points for yourself if you like, I’m just the delivery man:

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