In my allegedly non-highly political blog, I bring you my latest political blog post about our current POTUS. I have to say, for a guy who didn’t have my vote at this point 1 year ago, I am becoming a big fan of Obama. I am tired of being talked to by politicians in office or running for office and their legions as if I was 7 years old, dumb, blind, gullible, amnesic, and dumb some more and this makes me a fan of Obama because he speaks to us as a nation as if we can read, write, count to twenty and know our shapes and colors. He speaks as if problems have nuance, multiple solutions and risk of not being solved in an instant or may need to be reassessed at some point. He breaks it down truthfully, responsibly and without bullshit and THAT really makes me believe in him. It is early in his presidency, so I don’t know how his plans and tenure will pan out, but I believe that it won’t be foolish. Today I was watching his press conference and there was a point he made that specifically made me want to write this. He said that people, mostly on the right, were saying that upgrading infrastructure (specifically efficiently energizing government buildings) was not a stimulus worthy cause. He said something that I wholeheartedly believe, that it IS important, ridiculously important and it addresses things all the candidates were in favor of within the full campaign season. Making those govt. buildings efficient stimulates us in multiple ways: it provides jobs, American jobs, because someone has to upgrade those buildings, those someones are Americans who will have jobs, good jobs, sustained jobs, because there are a lot of buildings that need help and even after the government buildings, they’ll have other buildings that’ll need the same thing sooner or later, simply because it will become more efficient and necessary to do so in the future and those Americans will have the skills to continue doing that job. It will save money by dramatically dropping energy costs for the government, if you think about the fact that simply changing the light bulbs throughout your relatively small home to CFL’s and Led bulbs, you can save hundreds of dollars per year, then imagine an entire governments’ buildings overhauling their entire energy system with the explicit goal of bringing down costs and oil dependancy, I think you’d have earned your money back before the Presidents’ 4 year term is over. Then it also weens us as a country off of foreign oil which keeps the money we save in our country in two ways, one, we’re simply not sending our cash to the middle east for their oil, if we’re using wind and solar or geothermal energy, we’re not sending our money anywhere, it stays with us by not having to send it out and then if we’re saving our own money, we’re also not borrowing money from another country to pay our bills so we don’t have to have China buy our debt, thus we won’t have to pay China back for money we’re not borrowing. With all of these things, how could this be “pork” or a superfluous act. By this simple act of making our govt buildings more efficient, we’re investing in us, we’re helping us which is what we’re supposed to be doing as a country; recession, stimulus needy or not, right? Oh, we also kinda save our planet, which also helps, even if it’s just saving money by avoiding possible natural disasters and the incurred costs caused by disrupting the eco balance. So again, I think I’m fully on Obama’s dick when it comes to believing in someone until their actions prove me wrong. If he fucks up, he fucks up and I’ll reassess then, I will admit to you I was wrong, but right now, I say give him a little rope to try a few things. I don’t want him to run wild, spend all the cash we have and let him sell Wyoming to the Germans, but let him try some stuff, don’t stonewall him just to prove a point politically or out of anger, fear or revenge. You can talk point by point on what you think, but don’t give him a cold shoulder because it’s what your party tells you to do, do what is right or at least fairplay. We let the other guy take some chances, let Obama take his, I don’t think he could possibly bring it that far down.

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