Fun with Mick and Jay (part 2)

So I’m back home after a tremendous 4 day weekend of hanging with Jaqai, Valerie and Jay @ Jay & Val’s place and it was delicious (w/ minor upset). Oh, there were also no acts of god threatening our lives this time (unless you count it being ass cold outside) plus I’m alive to tell the tale, so that raises the status of the getaway significantly. Let’s see, Friday night, I went to my first live hockey game and it’s all it’s cracked up to be. I could follow the puck, the action and get into the game, it was almost a yawner as the visiting team went up 4-0 IN THE FIRST PERIOD!, but somehow the Atlanta Thrashers made it a game and came within a point in the 3rd period a couple times and threatened a tie a few times, but ultimately lost, still it was a pretty good game and A TON better than on TV, seriously, no comparison. We went to a bar ‘Stats’ where we had our own beer tap built into our table (2 actually), we played ‘perfect pour’ (pour a perfect 16 ounces), I sucked, surprise, I don’t really drink, beer especially. Again, a fun outing and that was Thursday. Friday was a kickback day, most everyone just worked in home from Jay’s, we played a little bit o’ Wii, pretty chill, at night we decided to watch Pineapple Express, I fell asleep, but woke up midway with pretty bad arm pain (I love my body), so I just did my medical particulars and crashed out for the night. I woke up feeling somewhat better the next day, at least able to partake in Saturday’s events, game night. Saturday, Jay planned a get together, we played Wii racing, Outburst and Taboo (that’s right, actual old school board games, always a fun time), I couldn’t/didn’t drink too much, but still everyone seemed to live it up. Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday, a few of Saturday’s guests showed up as well, Jay busted out ribs and chicken on the grill, guests rounded out some potluck additions, highlights being Jill’s mac and cheese & Curtis’s lemon cake amongst others (not to disclude anybody <actual word this time, but kinda obselete). We all watched the game which ended being better than I’d predicted plus we did the usual commercial watching and grading, and we bitched about Pittsburgh’s alleged win (seriously refs wtf? seriously), but Arizona came back with valiance to take the lead in what I thought was going to be a great comeback win, but not so. We dawdled a little bit after the game but after that it was time to get back home. It was great that Jaqai decided to come down to Atlanta for the long weekend and hang and Jay and Valerie are probably the best hosts ever, seriously, I think Jay was an event  calendar in his former life. They know the city well and roll with good company, so stupid arm pain aside, it’s always fun for me. Thanks guys.

ps: I brought my camera but I didn’t whip it out at all (I’m just not that guy that often, I should be, but I don’t do it when I should), Jaqai did record some visual documentation and I’ll try to get some so you can see how we roll in the A.We’ll see.

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