The Structural Integrity of Closet Accessories is Severly Lacking


Fear Me. You dirty, filthy...flimsy....perfectly adequate, but still I broke two on the same day hangers, also, I really, really need to vacuum my floor

So in the span of about 7hrs on the same day, I seemed to have broken 2 hangers completely by accident in random and different ways. I don’t normally run around trying to destroy quarter inch plastic tubing or taking rage out on my closet and it’s contents, but today, I caught “WTF” lighting inside a “who cares” bottle, twice! It’s like synchronicity for the mildly insane. So I really hope this post isn’t so weird that in the future it’ll referred to derogatorily as “The Hanger Post Incident”. They aren’t even the same type of hanger, so it’s not a single model failure, but it so obscure that I decided to have it be the debut issue of the “quickies” subcategory, which I thought I’d try so that I can have little dumb things on the blog to add more content, more frequently (you know, pad my stats and whatnot) and also so I don’t go 5-14 days between posts like I sometimes do. I hope y’all like it. Also, hanger manufacturers, step your game up homie.  


(PS: Blog, the word, isn’t recognized in WordPress’ dictionary, you know the blogging site that I’m currently using and there’s no option to add it publicly or privately by users. Pure Genius!)

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