Fun with Mick and Jay

Yeah, you see all this damage and then you see the sign that says Philips Arena. Us.There.Then.

Yeah, you see all this damage and then you see that blue sign that says Philips Arena (top center)? Us.There.Then.

So the last time Jaqai came to hangout in Atlanta with myself, Jay and his girl Val, we all decided we would just crash at Jay’s for that weekend during March Madness (NCAA Basketball Championship tourney). JQ hits town, they came to get me and we went straight down to catch a Hawks game at Philips arena and while we were there a little thing called a tornado hit us. Not just, we were in Atlanta during the tornado. Not, we were downtown near where the tornado hit. Not, the tornado came damn close. No! We were in the building when the tornado that devastated our city hit it. Our building. Debris fell from the ceiling directly above us. The Georgia Dome, literally connected to our arena, had its roof torn open. The automobiles in the parking section next to ours are no longer with us in the usable form they were 2 hours prior, when we entered the building. THE PARKING SECTION next to ours is no longer in the same form it was when we walked into the arena. We were thinking about leaving the game early, which could’ve landed us right outside in the storm. Oh yeah, the other Atlanta area hit hard by the tornado, the neighborhood behind Jay’s house. The tree of his backyard neighbor, fell over into Jay’s backyard. So yeah, I’m not sure if they were trying to kill me and I just maneuvered it well (and by maneuvered, I mean, I lucked into staying alive.) or what. It was a crazy weekend, we had no electricity for the rest of the night, but honestly it was a great weekend, a fun gathering, it certainly was extraordinary by most meanings of the word and hey, it’s a great story to have and be able to tell, maybe someplace on the internet where people read and comment (ok dammit, I’m talking about this blog if you haven’t figured it out), but after all that, here’s the thing:

Close to a year later, Jaqai is coming back in town tomorrow to hangout with myself, Jay and his girl Val, we’re all gonna crash at Jay’s house for the weekend (they’re like The Best.Hosts.Evar.) during the Super Bowl (NFL Championship). Jaqai will hit town, they’re coming to get me and we’re going straight down to catch a Thrashers hockey game at the Philips Arena… Yep, I don’t think you could have a situation with more precursory parallels. I’m gonna really try to keep that ‘me staying alive’ streak going. I’ll keep you updated on the happenings (provided I can keep you updated), wish me luck.

(Sorry, I didn’t include you in the title Mz. Val, but it didn’t fit in with my ever so clever play on words and I’m all about showing how clever I am, though I’m stretching it by working in Jaqai’s last name Mickelsen and Jay…update: I’ve edited the title since the original post)

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One Comment on “Fun with Mick and Jay”

  1. Jaqai Says:

    I love that I’m just seeing this. I need to sign up for an RSS feed or something.


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