Dude, Just Walk Away Quietly

You may not be able to tell by this blog’s history, but I am not a dramatically outwardly political person (what can I say, it was a highly political period when I started this thing). I do, like all of us (some more than others), have my opinion about things. I can be vocal on my largely anonymous to the world blog, which is a mix of honest belief and hopefully, entertaining reading material. But mostly, I am pretty internal with my political opinions. I am this way because I believe that others have the right to their opinions. My language can be somewhat harsh, pointed and yeah, a bit rambly (that’s not a word) oh and it has a very “train of thought” style, but you will almost never hear me say, I am without flaw and absolutely correct about almost anything (I say almost, because I also don’t like to speak in absolutes). I also would like to state that I do not blindly follow ANYTHING! At all, especially politically. Also, I can contradict myself at times. I don’t know that I have a motto or life philosophy or something corny enough to place on any social network’s little box, but there is a quote that I do hold close to myself and kinda find to be true (or true enough to me) and it goes something like “A smart man knows that he knows nothing”, and with this little nugget, I don’t find it appropriate to bash someone over the head with my philosophy, because at any moment I could be totally and utterly and completely wrong and, A: not know I’m wrong, B: keep bashing while believing I’m utterly correct. Now, while I’m sitting here kinda writing my usual “Planet A, political blog post disclaimer”. I am also, in a way, summing up the thought in the request I’m about to state towards it’s subject. So I’ll just preempt the disclaimer and get on with the post and say: President George W. Bush, I am begging you, please, just walk away quietly, please. You are not helping your own case and certainly not towards your detractors. Look, this is not me trying to shit on the President’s policies and whatever, I’m just saying, dude, you’re making it worse. Trying to be as diplomatic as I can, the things that have happened on your watch, which have, by your description,”not turned out as planned”, are still effecting people negatively and you and your crew walking around saying what amounts to somewhere between, “Hey, everyone, no matter who you are, you’re wrong” to “Wadn’t me” to “Fuck what you think, deal with it”, which is what “The Legacy Tour” says to A LOT of people. When you defiantly defend the reaction to Katrina, Kanye West in retrospect doesn’t sound so crazy in his quote “George Bush does not care about black people”. I’m not saying Kanye is any way correct, but when you basically take little to no fault, in what was highly documented as a failed response, and still say in an interview yesterday that you “disagree” that the reaction wasn’t effective, you are metaphorically giving a middle finger to every single person killed, hurt, currently suffering in any way from that disaster. bush_finger_flipWhen you continually shrug your shoulders about the economic crisis that is destroying peoples lives, you look as if you just don’t give a shit anymore, that is exactly how it looks and we could go on about Iraq and torture, WMDs or whatever. I am not saying that your job is easy, I am not saying that you don’t care, I even understand that if you walked out to a press conference everyday saying “Hey, I fucked up” on, well, just about every major thing that the media holds you to task for, you would have lost about all political capital you could ever need as a president that wants to get anything done whatsoever. But here’s the thing, you’ve less than a week at the job, yet, you keep bringing up these highly “flammable” subjects in interviews and even when you don’t and someone else does, your response is rarely, well, uh, let’s say, neutral, especially to those who don’t think you’ve done a bang up job. So I do notice, you’ve tried to not inject yourself into current turmoil, but at the same time, you also go on TV interviews and your constant defiant defense of basically every action you’ve done isn’t just laughable, but it’s downright upsetting, you almost look oblivious to everything going on around you, which is not Presidential, even if you say it powerfully (depending on your opinion of presidential). So look, we’re trying to move on to the next dude, for better or worse and I’m not saying he’s gonna be great, like I said earlier, I don’t blindly follow anything, or anyone, so Obama does not get my Carte Blanche. But I have to hope that he does a good job (and I hate to use his catch phrase, but it is the trait that I have to hold), because the situation in which we find ourselves isn’t optimal (yes, I’m still trying to be diplomatic, even though I’ve said fuck multiple times…and look, by saying that, I’ve done it again). So, Currently My President, Mr. Bush, I say this both politely and in a way, more common than I would if say, you were standing in front of me (1: I know Bush won’t read this, 2: I can admit, I’d bitch out a bit in his face…I’m pretty sure he could have me killed if he really wanted it…his VP shot a man in the face and the victim, the guy with fresh buckshot in his face, APOLOGIZED!); So yeah, mr. prez, dude,  just kinda, nod politely and fade away for a little bit. Go do your post-presidential thing, go back to Texas, build your library to your liking, go do your speaking tours (I’m not opposed to you making some cash on the lecture circuit) but man, you have to see what your actual legacy produced in the last election on multiple levels (dude, White America voted for a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama, he won Virginia and North Carolina…Alabama stood strong though), you have to see the approval ratings of both you and your close colleagues and the incoming President, which should tell you what the majority believe about what you’ve done. So, having 45+ minute press conferences “Ultimate exit interviews”, where you are almost yelling at people who question you and again, denying almost any responsibility for anything, well, I’ve said what it says to people. So Sir, please, let us say goodbye peacefully, we need to move on. Oh, and please don’t have me killed, I’d appreciate that too. Enjoy your post presidency.

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2 Comments on “Dude, Just Walk Away Quietly”

  1. jaqai Says:

    I realized, seeing him on TV yesterday (I didn’t hear what he was saying)…I might actually miss him. He’s been the face of all the bad news, and really – he’s the ultimate patsy.

    Let’s be fair. He came into office right with the internet bubble pooped on itself. That stung the economy, and he didn’t have anything to do with that. 9-11, unless you believe the Conspiracy Theories (Some have more weight than I wish they did), wasn’t his doing either. But, based on his reactions for these things (a certain flood in a city built below the water line not withstanding) he’s the poster boy for stupid.

    So, what happens when we don’t have him around to blame our problems on anymore?

    And by the way, I hope they make a Naked Gun 4. And make it about the last 8 years (including the election) and make it 100% real and fact based. It will still be hilarious. Again, our vice President…SHOT. A. GUY. IN HIS FACE. Back? Chest? Not funny. FACE? That’s F’n hilarious.

    • adrilla Says:

      I didn’t and wouldn’t blame him for the economy he inherited, but even still, he did also inherit the greatest economic surplus we’ve ever known which is now the biggest deficit we’ve ever known. 9/11 is not his fault, but at the same time, there was a possibility that it (the single event of the attacks) could’ve been avoided had he taken action on those terrorist briefings. Something else could’ve happened or even they could’ve tried to stop it and failed, but the fact is we’ll never know because action wasn’t taken in the first place even though there were indicators. I think the problem almost always comes down to his/their reaction, he always seem to respond in some of the worst ways possible. After 9/11 he could’ve capitalized on the nation’s response, he could’ve used that unity to build a better, smarter and more just civic base, something that could benefit us all perpetually like WWII where people came together for the common good and felt they were involved and were proud to participate and even sacrifice many prized things (including massive time and tremendous luxuries, down to certain foodstuffs and common utilites), but instead he decided to scare us shitless for partisan agenda and then they told us to shop to help out the economy, THEY TOLD US TO SHOP. They also told us to look away while they fuck up everything like passing the Patriot act with urgency (remember they pushed so hard to get it passed quickly that most of congress couldn’t read it) and approving wire tapping on us as subjects (and surprise, it’s been proven that they were listening in on phone sex conversations and such and a lot of those eavesdrops were on American soldiers talking to their wives and girlfriends), so our real sacrifices were/are civil liberities. Meanwhile Osama got away, we started a half assed war against the real terrorist enemies in Afghanistan, no war against them in Pakistan and a full fledged, yet non-to-mildly successful war against virtually none of them in Iraq (until they showed up after the fighting began, because we played right into their agenda) and we ignored the real threat in Iran (where we can’t fight now, because our resources are tied). They also killed a lot of the positive image of the US (which we built over 200 years and started solidifying over the last 70 years, he crippled it in 8yrs), snuck in laws that are flat out unconstitutional (you know the principle document guiding us as a nation) and placed us in international jeopardy by holding people hostage and torturing them (those can be acted upon in international court and even worse, if they act upon it and we don’t, it seriously effects all of America). The current economic crisis is the direct result of his and other republican passed market deregulation, they believed that A: the market will police itself and wouldn’t let anything unscrupulous happen, B: the invisible hand of the market will take of everything, absolutely everything. Somehow this invisible hand is unflinchingly good, smart and couldn’t possibly go wrong. He’s the poster boy for stupid because he’s done a ton of stupid things and I don’t know what we WILL do when we don’t have them to blame, but what we should do is what we should’ve always done, take responsibility, something he hasn’t and may never do (he still thinks history will vindicate him), in a way, their lack of responsibility perpetuates ours. And yes, his presidency would make a fabulous naked gun 4, but David Zucker is a ginormous Republican, so don’t expect that to happen (see: An American Carol). Although a Zucker movie about Bush might also be hilarious, but for a whole different reason.

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