I don’t know what’s up with the NFL this season, but the post game press conference seems to be vying for equal attention as the game on the field. Yesterday, Dec. 21 ’08, the Detroit Lions, who have gone winless this whole season (0-14), had a matchup that gave them a chance to get a win last night, but they gave the game away. They lost again yesterday to the New Orleans Saints and are now 0-15 and only have next week’s game to avoid going ‘O-fer’ for the entire season and avoid being the only team to ever do it in the NFL. New Orleans Saints have put up the most points of any team this season and Drew Brees is looking at breaking Dan Marino’s record for most yards in a season and yesterday they played like the high scoring team they are. The Saints scored touchdowns on each of their first 6 possessions, in fact they only scored Touchdowns all day, they went only 2 possessions where they didn’t score one. So it is obvious that the defensive strategy was highly flawed and that is a chance to question both the defensive coordinator and head coach, but what one reporter did was ridiculous, I mean, I don’t know why a person would do what this guy pulled.

The head coach, Rod Marinelli, is the Father-in-Law to his Defensive Coordinator, Joe Barry, and after the loss, one reporter decided he was going to go after that connection, but the manner in which he did it was like a Middle School on the Moon: No Class (oh yeah, I went all Fat Albert on yall bitches). Look, I don’t deny that the reporter is within his rights to question the Def. Coor and his calls within the game. Why they couldn’t contain the Saints, why the coach put so much faith in him in the situation, what are the ramifications of possibly going winless for the season and what that means for the entire staff, but no, the reporter had an agenda; He wanted to nail Head Coach Marinelli on Nepotism. The reporter asked questions of how disappointed Marinelli was of Barry’s gameplan. Marinelli says that he (marinelli) is in every meeting and he knows the gameplan and he approved it, so he takes responsibility for it. Not good enough for the reporter; so the reporter starts asking why Barry still has a job. This is step one of starting to cross the line, but Marinelli repeated the fact that he takes responsibility because he approved the plays, that’s what a good coach does, he takes the bullet, but still. The reporter doesn’t work for the Lions and he doesn’t dictate employment in the staff, but Marinelli plays it cool again, explaining how he signed off on the plan. Now the reporter starts to show his ass, he shows that he wants to nail this duo since they’re father and son-in-law, so now he drops this gem of a question; “On a lighter note, do you wish your daughter married a better Defensive Coordinator?” *screeching halt* …..What? What did he just say? What the fuck was that? Did he just ask about his daughter’s choice of a husband, did he ask that going strictly on the happenings of an effin football game? He couldn’t have, but he did.  A question like that has no place in a press conference, it has no place in almost anywhere in life. He may or may not win the Asshole of the Year award, but he’s absolutely nominated, with good odds to bring it home. First off, to say “on a lighter note”, is just plain retarded. It’s not a lighter note, it’s ignorant and it is so unprofessional, I don’t think his publisher should allow him back into the building of his office and I’ll be damned if I would’ve let him go out to another job as a reporter under my flag. He would’ve been fired before the press conference was over. Seriously, he would’ve received a text message of his pink slip and his personal effects would’ve been at the receptionists’ desk at the office. He would not walk back into my newsroom. It is one thing to try to get a story or get your point across or even to get someone to hold someone accountable for their actions, but you do not bring someone else’s family into a goddamn press conference over something as trivial as a football game. Marinelli’s daughter had nothing to with the decisions of either his or Barry’s game calling and just because you try to throw a disclaimer like “on a lighter note” it does not excuse such a deplorable statement. Marinelli took responsibility for the game calls and I’m sure if you asked Joe Barry, he’d take it too, so if you’re trying to get down to who’s accountable for their actions, I think you should look back at yourself for pulling some bullshit like that. Hey reporter, are you sorry that your daughter’s father ass rapes wild geese and babboons? Idiot.

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