Orange Crush aka Notre Damnnnnn!

syracuse-university-logo-2Maybe it wasn’t a crushing victory, but it certainly wasn’t an expected victory. Notre Dame’s football squad has been disappointing in the past few years, their last coach Ty Willingham had some good years, but then a serious shut down happened within the team and the Irish weren’t playing up to it’s legendary standards. To remedy the lack of results, Willingham was released and ND brought in an extremely high profile, hot commodity, Irish alumnus coach, in the form of Charlie Weis. Weis was the mastermind O-Coach behind Bill Belichick for the New England Patriots and three of their Super Bowl wins. But as of now, Weis’ Notre Dame teams haven’t played much better than his predecessors’.  Though the team is still not what you expect from Notre Dame historically, they have improved a bit and today for senior day (a day you usually play someone you can beat at home), the Golden Domers (6-4) scheduled lowly Syracuse (2-8) for a gimme win. But wait! If you’ve seen more than one half hour of sports in your lifetime, you’ll have heard the cliche “You don’t play the game on paper.” or “That’s why you play the game.”, which means, no win is guaranteed,  you have to hit the field, court or whatever your playing surface and play the other team and earn your wins; I do know this much, Notre Dame wishes they played today’s game on paper. Notre Dame isn’t a great team right now, but Syracuse’s football team is even worse, but that did not stop them from marching into Indiana, into the Irish’s Stadium and marching out with a victory and a lot of Notre Dames’ pride.

Don't use that kinda language around our D-E-F T-A-C-K-L-E!

Don't use that kinda foul language near our T-A-C-K-L-E! He's Sensitive.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish were favored by 20 points today, they lost by 1. Syracuse went up big in the first half of today’s game, but ND came back w/ a run of 20 unanswered points and held a lead of 23-10 in the 4th quarter, but that didn’t faze the Orange, who worked the ND lead down to 6 points and w/ about 5 minutes left, The Orange got the ball back to attempt that ever so loved last minute drive, that I want the ball in my hands, winner takes all, the clock is running down quickly, that crowd dials down the noise to see if their boys can stop Syracuse from taking the ball down into the end zone and stealing their victory type magic moment and the ‘Cuse took that moment and prevailed. They moved the ball well with some smart passing, running and (for Notre Dame) a crucial pass interference call, Syracuse even had to make up yards they were docked for a holding call. But the Orange focused, they got into the redzone, to the 11 yard line and finally into the endzone for the lead and ultimately, the win. Notre Dame had a chance to steal their own victory back with 25 seconds left. QB Jimmy Clausen threw 2 deep balls to try to put ND in good position but his guys weren’t able to catch them until Clausen got one into the hands of his receiver down inside the Syracuse 40 yd line with 5 seconds left. This called out the kicker for a 53 yard field goal attempt that was dangerously close, but ultimately no good and Syracuse comes out of South Bend with their biggest win this year.

I swear! There was a toilet RIGHT HERE when I sat down!

I swear! There was a toilet RIGHT HERE when I sat down!

I may be biased, seeing as I’m a huge fan of the Orangemen and I may have only watched the last 10 minutes of the game, but it was damn good to me, exciting even. I know the Orange walked out of that stadium with grins you couldn’t chisel off their faces…Notre Dame? Not so much. If you bet $100 bucks on the Syracuse to win, you’d have almost 800 bucks for your pick, it was that big of a mismatch on paper, but then again, you play hangman on paper or maybe tic-tac-toe, but not football.

You Just Don't Fuck w/ The Orange. Right Otto?

You just don't fuck w/ the Orange! Right Otto?

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