You Gotta Be Shittin’ Me!

Kansas doesn’t seem to have television, radio, electricity, printing presses, intracontinental transit and delivery, no modern news source (maybe a town crier) or a clue, but it does have it’s head clean up it’s ass…the whole state, I’m pretty sure of this, clean up it’s ass, no daylight penetration whatsoever. I’ll let the picture talk and you can guess which US state it’s posted in:

Yeah, Latin called, it wants it's letters back. Seriously, they think you're stupid and what nothing more to do with you whatsoever.

Yeah Kansas? Latin called, it wants it alphabet back. Seriously, it thinks you're stupid and wants nothing more to do with you whatsoever.

That sign overhead is posted on a church, a sign which the pastor refuses to remove because he truly believes he’s doing the lord’s work, because it is evil to follow a non-christian leader and my train of logic has to assume that they didn’t have the technology to learn about the Jeremiah Wright fiasco, which both proved that Obama is a Christian follower and has leadership qualities (depending on your assessment of his oratory skills and composure under fire). I think they’re doing something weird up there in the good ol’ KS. They’re punking us or something, there are probably meetings like “Hey, let’s see if the rest of the country thinks we actually believe this too..he he he”. Maybe it’s a contest, they wanna see how far back in time they can go while the rest of us progress. Maybe they disbelieve in evolution soooo much that they refuse to learn anything that doesn’t enter a farmer’s almanac or the Bible and they have to know the current president and president-elect so they can order the pictures for city hall (A building, which I assume is built out of logs and buffalo shit and the pictures are ordered via carrier pigeon or message in a bottle, which really would explain a lot about their information gathering. I wonder which president they think this is? maybe the 9th? 11th at best).  Maybe Kansas is trying to top itself in the “how dumb can we really be” department, I mean, it is hard, DAMN HARD, to beat disbelief in evolution, but goddamn they’re fiesty out there in the plains, they’ll come with some dumb, but they can always go dumber. Smack in the middle of the country, yet so out of touch with us all  (see Kansas, I know your geography and topography, because I…can….READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) So yeah, whatever they’re smoking out there, it’s working like gangbusters, cause I am baffled by their assbackwardness again. I’ve gotta see what they come up with next to top this one, but before that, I’d really “hate” to see the whole state get swept away by one of those duststorms out there or as they call it “a godsneeze”. They should come and visit the rest of us here in 2008, they’d be fascinated by our fancy clothes and iron horses and I’d sure love to see em (and hand them a book of some sort…just not one on evolution or Islam, gotta pick your battles sometimes).

(disclaimer: if I’ve offended anyone in Kansas, I can’t apologize, you either have to get your state to stop doing dumb shit or you have to move, because the state is giving you a bad name: the mgmt.)

There's no place like home...right Dorothy?

There's No Place Like Home...Right Dorothy?

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2 Comments on “You Gotta Be Shittin’ Me!”

  1. Joops Says:

    They just hate black people. That whole accusing him of being islamic thing is just poorly veiled racism. It’s okay to be anti-terrorism, and of course all muslims are terrorists according to the red state philosophy. His funny name just plays right into it. You really gotta love the congregation that stands behind guys like this. I also love hearing people say that religion doesn’t prevent or discourage thought. Coulda fooled me. At least they’re consistently allergic to evidence. Evidence is the antidote to faith, so if they have faith Obama is a muslim, that makes it true despite any “facts”.

  2. jaqai Says:

    Right with Joops on this. Church pisses me off.

    Perhaps my favorite part is the “Church without walls part.”

    Yyyyeeeeeaaah. And well, a free country is a free country. Even in Kansas. (I’m so excited this isn’t happening in Utah by the way.)

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