Deals So Good, It’s Like They’re Giving It Away!

Today I’m going to pretend to be a philanthropist, by telling you that someone else is giving away free stuff. Today and today only, if you follow this link, the people at ZoneAlarm are giving away the pro version of their popular firewall. That’s right, all the bells and whistles, glitter, fairy dust, rocky mountain oysters and jujubes are there, this aint no everyday free version, this is the today by 6am pst, PRO free version, so you better jump on that joint quick. Not sure your opinion on the product, but the genuinely knowledgeable people at (A site loved by yours truly) ranked it in their top 5 firewalls. So how bout that, get in there and cop that free shit playa!

Firewall+Spyware+Identity Protection= $0

Firewall+Spyware+Identity Protection= $0

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2 Comments on “Deals So Good, It’s Like They’re Giving It Away!”

  1. jaqai Says:

    In a previous life, Zone Alarm flat out destroyed my ability to work in premiere and I could never fix it. A mutant issue I’m sure, but needless to say. I’m skeptical.

  2. adrilla Says:

    I haven’t received my email yet w/ the software deal, so i’ve yet to see if it’s any good at all, if i decide to install it that is. i haven’t decided that yet either.

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