1Up or Overkill?

I hope that will be the cheesiest title I ever type up there, but deductive reasoning tells me that it won’t. It’s also not my biggest problem. I can’t decide if I love or hate this guy below.

Underneath this console are some huge balls.

Underneath this console are some huge balls.

That there is the boldest nerd on the planet, rocking the NesBelt, which I saw while perusing engadget and I really can’t decide what to think. This fucker is wearing an actual console around his waist as a belt and yes, it works! Look I’m all about geek pride if you got the balls, but when the pride promises that you’ll probably never ever ever ever use those balls again…if you’ve even had sex in the first place, I’m not so sure I love it. But on the other hand, I have to give him some credit. What kind? I’m not quite sure, but something, maybe a fist in the air holding a controller of solidarity? I dunno, I really don’t. Maybe start chanting the Konami code (up up down down….) I’ll tell you what I don’t like; They’re selling this belt on the net for 300 effin dollars, 300, yeah, like the movie, which may be appropriate considering that I’d massacre any friend I had who paid that much for a console glued to a stinking belt. Here’s a strategy:

1. Buy a belt

2. Buy a used Ninten……DON’T WEAR A FUCKING CONSOLE FOR A BELT! YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO KEEP CONTROLLERS AND GAMES HANDY TO KEEP IT TRULY CLEVER! DON’T YOU?! TELL ME WHERE YOU STORE THOSE ZELDA!? (sorry about the strategy list, something came up, these things happen. signed the Management.)

…Ok I think I’ve decided which side I’m on. You can decide where you are on this subject for yourselves.

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3 Comments on “1Up or Overkill?”

  1. jaqai Says:

    Like. A game gear or a game boy would make sense. This guy is stupid – and it looks like a desperate plea for a “dick in a box” revisit.

  2. Joops Says:

    “This NES? Yeah it works. Lemme show you my favorite game. It’s called ‘My Dick’ and it’s got its own controller.”

    I don’t think that’d work. Where does the a/v come out of the console? How do you sit? He really paid 300 for that? Boy, he must really really really really need attention.

  3. adrilla Says:

    It’s not really clear if he’s the president and a client or just some sorry sucker out 300 bucks so he could end up on engadget. If he makes sales, then it’s mildly understandable, but reprehensible because he’s gouging people in price (and i’m not sure i’ve pointed this out yet) TO PUT A CONSOLE ON A BELT! Oh what nerdom does to the human psyche.

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