Killing “The Dream”

….or Watch the Media Trample It Six Feet Deep in Vain.

At this moment the polls are about 2 hours out, so before the onslaught begins and states results are called; I’m gonna make a little poll for the hell of it.

If Barack Obama should win, and of course, become the first black president, how many times will the media mention his victory as a/the/some fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream. Now, I’m gonna plainly and flat out state that an Obama presidency IS a truly historic occurrence AND is certainly a partial fulfillment of that dream, but the difference comes from the fact that most of these people making the statement emptily and for superficial reason (mostly ratings and simplistic dialog); it will probably be spoken in the same tone and manner as the big sports game of the night or the cute video of the waterskiing squirrel, one or two people may actually drop their voice a tone to feign sincerity. Pseudo profundity will reign as mentions of the dream are read by an anchor or host, from a teleprompter, containing as much emotional depth as the physical depth of the words scrolling down that same teleprompter, but trust me, they will say it and they will say it a lot. So here’s your poll:

There is NO option beneath 100,000, because under 100,000 mentions is mathematically and hyperbollicly impossible. Trust me, you’ll hear the comparison and you’ll hear it a lot and it really won’t help that MLK day is 5 days before inauguration day, they’re gonna pick all the meat from the bones of one of the truly, most important happenings in the history of this nation with another historic happening; it’ll be like King Kong vs Godzilla in a strict battle of attrition. So step right up kids, place your bets (it’s really help my self-esteem), watch history fulfill history, then watch a bunch of talking heads remove a lot of the gravity of both for the reward of various forms of ratings (hell, I’m kinda doing it right now in this post!). Join in; winner gets a pony and happy election day! I’m so glad it’s almost done.

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