Dixville says…

Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, is famous for being the first county in the nation to report it’s voting results in both the primary races and the general election. The eligible voters there each have their own booth (there are usually less than 30 voters), they line up at midnight when the polls officially open, cast their votes and the polls are closed one minute later, results are immediately counted and reported.

Were number 1! Numerically

We're number 1! Chronologically!

The tradition has been occuring since 1960 and it won’t stop in 2008 as it’s already occured and the results have been made public. The Dixvillians(?) have voted 15-6 in favor of Barack Obama. I find this information compelling as Dixville Notch is a fairly Republican leaning constituency; In 1992, George H.W. Bush, Ross Perot AND the Libertarian candidate Andre Marrou (who?), all received more votes than eventual overall winner Bill Clinton (15,8,5 and 2 votes, respectively). So I find this result to be quite interesting. But in the end, what does it mean? At this moment? Absolutely nothing. 21 votes, right now, out of millions and millions over this vast and diverse nation of ours, is not reflective of any outcome that shall be determined later. It may say something about the campaigns that have been run or the state of the country, the administration of the 8 years, the hopefulness people see in Obama and the trust they’re puting into an untested candidate or any number of real things, but it will only say it after a true winner is declared, but as of right now, at 5:13am est, it’s trivial, it’s pure speculation and certainly not a reason to not vote, regardless of your candidate. I mean, we all thought Kerry had it in the bag in 2004 and President Kerry did so well in his 4 years, so well that Barack Obama decided he’d run this year. Oh wait, Kerry didn’t win shit. So strap in, because today should be an eventful day, certainly newsworthy and possibly historic to the Nth degree. Get out and vote if you haven’t yet and tonight this whole thing should be over and we can all rest…hopefully.

Update: Hart’s Landing, a town close to Dixville Notch whom also carries an almost identical tradition also released their results of: Obama 17, McCain 10 and 2 Write-in votes for Ron Paul. There are a few other places in close proximity within New Hampshire that have like traditions, but Dixville Notch and Hart’s Landing are the historically notorious cases and thus will be the only two I’ll garner enough energy to report. -the management-

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