S3S! Save Three Sheets!

I recently wrote about the greatness of the MOJO TV show, ‘Three Sheets’ (for those to lazy to scroll), but at the time, I was unaware that MOJO TV itself will be discontinued as of December 1 of this year. So the show itself is in danger. The show is in negotiations with other cable networks to be picked up, but no one has agreed as of yet. There are new completed episodes that are ready to go once they get there, but it sounds

Save Pleepleus!

Save Pleepleus!

like some places are hesitant. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t grab it in a second, even with almost no external exposure the show has a die hard fanbase and I think with a higher profile network the show could be a phenomenon. It’s got a great premise, production and host. It’s the total package. Well the folks within the MOJO forums are trying to mount a fan campaign to have people write to other networks like Comedy Central, Spike, the Travel Channel and places that have audiences that would appreciate such a show to have them try to pick it up. I’m gonna write at least a couple because I really am a fan of the show and I think it can get even better, but even worse, it would suck to go away at this point in it’s life. You can visit the MOJO forum and Zane Lamprey’s Myspace page if you want info and if you’d like to watch episodes to see the show, they’re airing them on the MOJO HD channel as well as Hulu.com, Joost.com, Amazon and iTunes. Spend 5-10 minutes and write someone, don’t let Pleepleus down. Save Three Sheets!

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