Civic Duty: Complete

What? I did NOT beat up a lady, take her sticker, then posed for this picture to "prove" I voted.

What? I did NOT beat up a lady, take her sticker, then pose for this picture to "prove" that I voted.

That snazzy gentleman there is me, holding a sticker that you probably can’t read, which may or may not prove that I voted. At 6:35 AM EDT, I became number eleven in line at my early voting site (still didn’t remember my camera), which got to about a good 40-50 folks by the time the doors opened at 7. By the time 7:10 came I’d gone through the whole process and been through all 7 pages of options on my touchscreen voting machine (that rhymes). Now I’m all happy and way more proud than I should be because let’s face it, your, nor my vote will be the single deciding factor for any category or candidate you voted for or against. But, it is a big deal because truth is, the reason we’re allowed to vote, is because we vote. If no one voted, no one could vote, they’d take away the right and that would invalidate basically 90% of what this country was founded on (getting away from mandatory tea time is the other 10%, it’s a fact). Plus, I really really believe that I voted for the first Black President of these United States and Cynthia McKinney will set us on the right path. The 21st century is straight. Adieu.

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