Science! It’s just like TV only slower (Drillavision)

Jeff Lieberman and Matt Kearney’s scientific qualifications seem to be that they know how to point cameras

Matt (points cameras at stuff...scientfically)

Matt (points cameras at stuff...scientfically)

Jeff (ok, he does have 4 college degrees, 2 in science)

Jeff (ok, he does have 4 college degrees, 2 in science)

at things and apparently that’s enough to get a Discovery Channel series.

Your high school teacher probably told you more than once, ‘Science is all around you’, you just don’t always get to see it. That is exactly the premise behind ‘Time Warp’ on The Discovery Channel, they show you what happens in everyday scientific reactions by slowing it waaaay down, about 5000 frames per second, which is way slower than the average 24-30 fps you usually see on TV, so 5000 is highly detailed and played back at normal speed it allows you to see what really occurs, because most of it happens in less than a blink of an eye. Admittedly sometimes what they show is more physics than anything but even when it’s only physics it’s still very fascinating and the science is even better. Why do Mentos and Coke explode? Nucleation, the Mentos have tiny tiny pits in it which attract the bubbles of the carbonation in the soda in rapid form, then as the acid eats away the Mentos it forms more pits which attract more bubbles and they tell two friends, then they tell two friends and the bubbles expansion happens so fast they “explode” out of anywhere they can, which creates your Mentos geyser.

That's a whole lotta nucleation

That's a whole lotta nucleation

Why does dry ice make that spooky bubbling effect in water? Sublimation, it goes directly from solid to gas completely skipping liquid form, thus bubbling directly from the bottom of the bowl to the smoke at the top. Boring explanations right, but if I showed it to you at say 5000 frames per second played back at normal speed, it’s a fascinating thing to see and understand, and it’s even better in HD (which it is on DiscoveryHD). The physics is good too. It’ll show you how that tablecloth trick displays Newton’s 3rd law. Even better, have you ever really seen a a perfect skater 360 kick flip? How the skater kicks the board to force the energy transfer which propels it into the ground which immediately forces it back up and around all the while the skater jumps in the air and while he’s up there, you know, he’s prepping to land perfectly even and immediately transfer all that motion into a smooth ride out. The difficulty is tremendous and the visual is art, no science, no art, no physics, no it’s all that and it’s beautiful and the show is pure Drillavision, cause I loves it. MMM, science. “May I ‘ave sum ‘ore please!”

Fire! OOH

Even More Fire! That’s Hot!

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