Mike Singletary Will NOT Take Your Shit. Period. (and we love him for it)

This Sunday (Oct. 27, 2008) when the Seahawks played the SF 49ers, while in the midst of what would become a humiliating 34-13 loss, Tight End Vernon Davis caught a 7 yard pass then hit his defender in the head in anger and was assessed a 15 yard personal foul. Davis then came off the field like it was nothing. The interim head coach Mike Singletary tried to talk to him about it, but Davis shrugged it off and well, Singletary is old school. Davis promptly received an early day and was sent directly to the showers with 10 minutes left in the game. That’s bigtime in the sportsworld in which we currently exist. It really doesn’t get more humiliating than that…almost. Singletary apologized to the crowd for Davis’ actions right after the game ended and then it was off to the press conference. Behold:

Singletary had held the job Interim Head Coach for exactly six days at this point. Vernon Davis was the 6th pick in the 2006 draft and the highest paid Tight End on the planet (5yr $23mil) but there is no question who’s the daddy in this picture right now. Junior got his pants pulled down and got that ass beat in the middle of the street. Oh, and I couldn’t be ANY happier and approx. 24 hrs after the whole ordeal, the sports world pretty much unanimously agrees. In fact, just about everyone believes that Singletary should be promoted to permanent GodCoach of the 49ers for eternity (until he stops showing positive results).¬† In the current NFL, one player tends to outshine the other 21 players on the field at the same time as him, the other 50-60 guys on his team, his head coach and staff and countless other office people, fans and supporters. That guy is generally the ball catcher and that guy can’t seem to get enough attention for himself. Well Vernon, congrats, you’ve got the spotlight now. How do you like it? It’s just fantastic that someone stands up against a lot that is wrong with the alpha ego of sports and pop culture in general. The other part is there is nothing false in Singletary’s action, not a single iota. That kinda thing doesn’t fly in Singletary’s universe. “Samurai” Mike Singletary is a Hall of Famer, first ballot. He played on Mike Ditka’s Bears and the man played well and needless to say, he played hard and true. He’s also an ordained minister. So here, I truly don’t think he even understands how a man could do such a thing, that the actions and attitude Davis displayed are humanly unjustifiable. The sad part is there are far too many people who do understand it and thus more people who accept it. Well I say Singles did a good, no, a great thing. I hope people, especially the NFL and the other major sports leagues take note and follow. I also think Interim should just disappear from Singletary’s title and I don’t think I’m alone.

Here’s the full press conference because I believe the whole is better than the mere parts, but I knew you people I pester to read this page want the juice more than the whole orange.

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5 Comments on “Mike Singletary Will NOT Take Your Shit. Period. (and we love him for it)”

  1. Joops Says:

    Rad. I hate primadonna b.s. like TO and Moss and this dude. Big ups to big Mike. Immediatelly after seeing this on your blog, it came on Sportscenter. They’re like 20 seconds behind you.

    I do think that the coverage sometimes feeds these guys though. When they say things like “Peyton Manning and the Colts come to play Ladanian Tomlinson and the Chargers” it makes it sound like the individuals are the whole team. Or like when the Jets lose, it isn’t their opponent winning, it’s Fav-ruh losing. But wadeva.

  2. adrilla Says:

    Yeah I agree about the coverage. Players sell jerseys and what not. But seriously, the coaches reaction is just amazing to me and I’ll probably be a fan of his coaching career in someway forever.

  3. adrilla Says:

    The sad thing is we have one of those ball catchers in NY, but it’s mostly off the field.

  4. jaqai Says:

    Awesome, good, and wholesome. He should also run for president.

  5. adrilla Says:

    one black guy at a time jaqai, one black guy at a time.

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