Black People Really Want to Vote

I’m not saying Obama will certainly be our next president or ‘Pull the Ticket’ as we say at QB1/NTN, by calling the game’s winner before the game is over. I won’t be anyone’s jinx, but I will say this; if black people are the deciding factor in this race, a black person will be our next president. Today, my mom and I, decided we would get out and vote early, we were supposed to go earlier in the day, but that was not how it worked out, so we decided to run down to our county early voting venue at about 4pm and damn! That line was backed the fuck up. Black people are getting out there to let themselves be heard. It was held at our county library and I shit you not, they had a full parking lot with a county appointed police attendant directing traffic….to another very packed parking lot with it’s own police attendant. Peoples were everywhere, black folks all up and down that line, I think they were barbecuing chitlins in the parkin lot and everything (ok, that part I was shittin you. Of course you don’t BBQ chitlins).

We're not in Omar's County nor are we mostly black people.

We're not in Omar's County nor are we mostly black people.

The picture on the left, while not the actual line at our early voting station (more on that later), is indicative of the line that was there (just imagine it’s suburban Atlanta and that I remembered to bring my camera and took a picture in a “Daaaaaamn!/Look at these muthafuckas here/who knew?” kinda mentality. Oh, and imagine the crowd is at least 85% African American, so a bit darker in shade). Now, my poor back starting acting up pretty bad last night, but I felt like I’d try to take the hit and bear the pain today in the interest of saving time and just plain voting, which I believe to be a tremedous priveledge and have for well over a decade regardless of current candidates. I almost find it an honor, but I’ll refrain from getting any more pious than that. So anyway, I had planned for like a half hour, maybe hour wait, but I knew my body would be hard pressed to handle even that (it’s also why I forgot to take a picture, I’m even more forgetful when I’m in pain). So in the interest of saving ourselves a possible night at our fine county ER, we decided we’ll come back tomorrow in the wee AM, when it should, and after today, I really stress should, be a lot quicker. “Tomorrow. AM. Voting Booth. Me and you Bitch. Me and you. You be there or Imma…..go to another available booth…BITCH!” <–Strong finish, I’ll check you later people. Owt!

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2 Comments on “Black People Really Want to Vote”

  1. jaqai Says:

    Nice. I. Will vote. My neighborhood is Mccain sign land. I’d have some Obama stuff up, but my house is for sale and don’t wanna put off any prospective buyers.

    Ha, I’m a sell out. I’m gonna get a white hoody made and go look to scare colored people.

  2. adrilla Says:

    Yeah, I didn’t get back today cause our car was effed up, I’m hoping to get out tomorrow at first light (I talk as if I live on the frontier or a farm).

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