Drillavision: Three Sheets

You may not know Zane Lamprey, but you want to. He’s the prototypical guy next door, humorous everyman that you’d find in a bar and would draw you in for the rest of the night. He’d have you drinking good stuff all night, no matter your bankroll or lack thereof. He’d Tell you some humorous tales (he’d weave in a couple involving his good friend Steve McKenna), challenge someone to a chugging contest (and win) and afterward he would have you sticking your thumb to your forehead with your pinky pointing outward and somewhere in all this madness, a monkey will appear. The capper is that you need not leave your couch to experience all of this and you can to do it in 1080i. The MOJO television channel has some of the most unnecessary use of HD on cable, as a lot of their original content isn’t enhanced by HD, but they also have some very entertaining fare in their original content and I think Three Sheets is the best of those shows. So even with my unimpressive Comcast DVR, equipped with a horribly small hard drive, I can’t wait to see a new episode of Three Sheets pop up on the roster. (But seriously Comcast, TiVo has a Terabyte HD machine on the market, hard drive storage is ridiculously cheap; I just bought a 640GB SATA drive for 65 bucks. Market prices, supply and demand and just plain common sense state that you HAVE to offer a better HD DVR than this. Then again, I’m talking about Comcast, so market demand and certainly common sense have no bearing on what they offer.) So where was I? Oh yes! Three Sheets is probably the best show on MOJO and certainly one of the flat out most entertaining on television, especially if you find yourself in that ‘male 18-35 demo’. It’s a drinking show through and through, complete with it’s own in-show drinking game. It’s even respectfully educational (about liquor and drinking) . Basically what happens in the show is; you travel w/ host Zane Lamprey from place to place around the world, where he learns and indulges in the drinking culture of said place (Such as Ireland, Hong Kong, Croatia, even good ol’ Tennessee, NY and Las Vegas). The shows will generally introduce you to the local & locally made drink(s) of choice, how they’re made and what makes them a specialty of/to that particular locale. And it’s actually informative. Then Zane delves into the nightlife and bar culture of the city that he’s in. You learn about some local lore, customs, drinking games, do’s and don’ts and you’ll hang out with some of the good people of said town/city/country. Then after all of that, the next day, Zane will show you the local hangover remedy. Also you’ll be on a show long hunt for a monkey named Pleepleeus and hope you’re not the last in the room to see him, that is, assuming you’re playing the drinking game. Anyway, I can hardly expel all the virtues and fun of Three Sheets, so I suggest you fire up that HDTV, head over to MOJO and pull up a bar stool with Zane for a half hour of international bedrunken hijinks and bring a few friends. When you get there, tell em Adrilla sent ya.

PS: If you’re ever in Scotland there’s a bar that’ll give you a free shot of fine scotch on Zane and the Three Sheets crew. How much better can a drinking show get? Now don’t say they never gave ya nothin’.

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  1. […] I recently wrote about the greatness of the MOJO TV show, ‘Three Sheets’ (for those to lazy to scroll), but at the time, I was unaware that MOJO TV itself will be discontinued as of December 1 of this […]

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