Live from New York it’s….nothing special

Palin on SNL

Palin on SNL

So it was way hyped up that Sarah Palin was going on SNL to show she can roll with the punches “I just want to be there to show Americans that we will rise above the political shots that we take,” Palin said. The move was hyped as a huge deal, she was going to show she was a good sport and had a good sense of humor and that the Alaskan governor could be human in the face of liberal media barbs. So Saturday came, the show began, the sketch went on and Sarah Palin was….there. Basically, what happened was, they did the usual Tina Fey sketch making fun of Sarah Palin, which was gonna happen anyway and Fey was great as usual, and then they panned to backstage to reveal Palin standing there next to Lorne Michaels, talking, maybe three or four lines. There were other special guests; Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin, who were both funny in their parts, but Palin didn’t really do anything. Her one humorous line was to tell Alec Baldwin, that Stephen (The über Republican), was her favorite Baldwin, which was a humorous line, but it and her appearance were nothing special. The sketch as a whole was funny, Tina Fey killed it as usual. Alec was great. Mark Wahlberg was hilarious as his part stretched to a later sketch which was even funnier. But Palin was sort of window dressing. Obama and Hillary’s appearances earlier were better and more lively, but Palin’s was lackluster. Now, the appearance itself was not a bad move, in fact, it was smart, because her and McCain could’ve not gone and continued to appear angry at the liberal media, so showing up showed that at least she wasn’t as uptight as a lot have been perceiving the GOP candidates. Palin, at least, took her shots better. McCain on Letterman, which I’ll address soon, didn’t handle it so well, but I will admit here that McCain got Shanghai’d by Letterman. Palin did play it cool, but I think she had to. It’s like when your friends are making fun of you, you can either get angry and fuel the fire or just kinda take it and hopefully it’ll die down. At the very least they’ll respect you for rolling with the punches. But overall, the appearance really wasn’t a big deal. The entertaining parts like I said, were the other special guests; Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey, who has nailed that impression. It’s probably the funniest since Will Ferrell doing Dubya and the funnest to me since Norm MacDonald doing Bob Dole. Fey’s take is way more rooted in reality than MacDonald, which makes it both funnier and a bit more scary, because well, Palin still has a chance to become the 2nd most powerful person on the planet and possibly the most powerful. But here, she does get props for at least not seeming like a humorless hardass (for the 5-10mins. she was on the show), so thumbs up for that…I guess.

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